AN INTERVIEW WITH GADDAFI Opens 3 June at Waterloo East Theatre

The world premiere of a new play, An Interview With Gaddafi, opens for a four week run at on Tuesday 3rd June 2014.

This is a dramatisation of real events of the 2011 Libyan regime change but told through the eyes of the fictitious veteran journalist Bellamy Johan who shows us a behind the scenes insight of the inner workings of the mainstream media. The result is a heartfelt and emotional bumpy road that throws a spotlight on geo-politics and questions everything we thought we knew about democracy, capitalism, global finance and political spin. Through a series of film-enhanced visuals and with a talented multi-character cast of four (plus four more on film) a very dramatic personal experience is achieved, but we also emerge from the play with greater powers of political awareness. It's one part drama, one part political message and two parts pure entertainment.

The playwright, Reggie Adams, himself is a political journalist and campaigner. He's the author of Now Utopia, a work on political philosophy and macro-economics, which has become the manifesto for the UK's Humanist Party.

More of his plays, including a musical, and an opera, are scheduled for production in 2014/15 through the production company Future Social Theatre (

'The idea of this play is to take a political situation that we all saw unfold and then shine the light on the elements that we don't normally get to see, where there has been political manipulation of the mainstream narrative, where there are underlying hidden commercial factors at work and where there are issues of global importance that we are not having a conversation about, such as our notion of democracy or the global money system or the structure of the UN and more. I'm hoping that this play will open up conversation and debate or at least heighten the awareness for the audience the next time they turn on the news.' - Reggie Adams

The press night for An Interview With Gaddafi will be Thursday 5th of June at 7.30pm at Waterloo East Theatre, Brad Street, London, SE1 8TN.

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