Vanbot Releases New Album 'HOW COULD I PREPARE FOR THIS'

'How Could I Prepare For This' is currently available on all streaming platforms.

By: May. 12, 2023

Vanbot Releases New Album 'HOW COULD I PREPARE FOR THIS'

Following the success of her previous album, 'Siberia,' which was recorded on the Trans-Siberian Railway and gained recognition in Pitchfork, Paste Magazine, The Line Of Best Fit, and more, Swedish synthpop sensation Vanbot will return with her brand new album, 'How Could I Prepare For This.'

"It wasn't a deliberate choice, but the lyrics on the album revolve around breaking; breaking points, breaking up and breaking free, ten different shades of it." She describes the album as "soft, clubby dance music like you're standing outside the club at 3 am as the dawn breaks."

On 'How Could I Prepare For This,' her fourth album, Vanbot goes back to her roots.

"I can see similarities with the way I wrote music back when I started. The new album is written in the same way, quite unforced and uncontrived. It's a bit like going full circle back to my debut album."

'How Could I Prepare For This' is a stunning collection of electronic tracks that take listeners on a journey through Vanbot's 6-year hiatus from music. After running out of steam and experiencing a breaking point with her previous album, 'Siberia,' Vanbot's new album holds significant importance to her. Reflecting on this, she admits, "That's the downside of being your own boss, I took on far too much and felt enormous demands - mostly from myself."

After a few years of not making music at all, the desire to write came back. On 'How Could I Prepare For This,' Vanbot collaborates with Samuel Starck (Veronica Maggio, Jonathan Johansson, Ane Brun). "Samuel is a close friend of mine, and we had so much fun in the studio. He is a genius. We made music, and then we ate a lot of delicious food. I actually think we talked about food more than we talked about music..."

The album's focus track, 'The Way It Was,' delves into the nostalgia and heartbreak of falling out with a close friend. Expanding on the song's meaning, Vanbot explains, "'The Way It Was' is about being heartbroken and nostalgic after a friend break up. It's about remembering the glory days, and then the day you suddenly realize that you're almost like strangers."

Over the years, Vanbot's electronic pop has been praised by everyone from Pitchfork and Billboard to The Times and The Guardian. The first self-titled album came in 2011, followed by "Perfect Storm" in 2015. On the third full-length "Siberia" from 2017, she collaborated with Johannes Berglund (The Knife, FKA Twigs) and Petter Winnberg (Amason).

Vanbot's return with 'How Could I Prepare For This' is a testament to her perseverance and creativity, and it promises to be an exciting addition to her already impressive discography. Vanbot will support the release with a solo tour, including a performance at the Subkult Festival on July 7th, as well as other upcoming dates.


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