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Live Out Loud - Live at 54 BELOW -Shapiro Sisters 2014


Live Out Loud - Live at 54 BELOW -Shapiro Sisters
Broadway Records

The Shapiro Sisters announced today that their debut album Live Out Loud: Live at 54 BELOW will be released on September 9th, 2014. The Shapiro Sisters, 11-year old Milly Shapiro (Matilda, Original Broadway Cast of Matilda The Musical) and older sister, 14-year-old Abigail Shapiro (Cindy Lou Who, How The Grinch Stole Christmas), recorded the album live at the famed 54 BELOW over a series of three performances this past May and June. The title song "Live Out Loud", from Andrew Lippa's A Little Princess, embodies the sisters' philosophy of living life out loud and reaching for their dreams. The concerts and upcoming album feature songs from many of the Shapiro Sisters' favorite musicals and films including Wicked, Anastasia, Frozen, Thoroughly Modern Millie, A Little Princess, The Secret Garden and more. David Says:
Abigail Shapiro made waves as Cindy-Lou, and Milly Shapiro was a Tony Honoree for Excellence in Theatre for being one of the four original Matildas. On the recording, they combine their talents for duets and take their own moments to shine in solos. The title track, "Live Out Loud," kicks off the ebullient album. Milly shines on the darkly comedic "The Pretty Little Dolly" and "The Girl I Mean to Be." Abigail steals the show with her beautiful rendition of "Another World" and "Part of Your World." Milly and Andrea McArdle on the re-worked "Anything You Can Do" is a true highlight on the disc. McArdle also sings "Together Wherever We Go" with Abigail, and they deliver a brilliant version of the classic tune. Almost ending the album, the sisters duet on SIDE SHOW's "I Will Never Leave You," making the song their own.

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