Our Christmas Wishes for the Philippine Theater Industry

Our Christmas Wishes for the Philippine Theater IndustryBy Jeffrey Aguiman

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Manila, Philippines, December 24, 2012 - It is Christmas Eve in the Philippines; and BroadwayWorld believes this is the best time to share your favorite theater actors and directors' wishes for the theater industry:

I wish for government support for culture and the arts in general; for peace, love, strength, and creative exchange within the theater community; and for more great Filipino work and recognition from our countrymen. (I actually wish for a really large "theater fanatic" sub-culture) Hahahahahahaha - Kalila Aguilos

I wish that the theater industry breaks new ground in Philippine entertainment; and that theater actors become more recognized as the country's best performers - Reb Atadero

May this coming New Year bring continuous growth in musical theater audiences so that we can continue to touch and move lives by telling inspiring stories - Peachy Atilano

Our Christmas Wishes for the Philippine Theater IndustryThe theater world in the Philippines is getting bigger and bigger. This Christmas, I wish everyone in theater success as storytellers. We have learned to work together: different companies, different actors, coming together as one; and I wish for this bond to strengthen. There is no greater gift than being able to share the talents that God has graciously given us - Cara Barredo

I wish that Philippine Theater continues to grow, flourish, and thrive, even amidst all the challenges it faces... and that it continues to inspire, enlighten, and uplift audiences to bring out those aspects of our humanity that are most pure, most beautiful, and ultimately, most compassionate and loving. - Liesl Batucan

My wish for the industry is that more people come to our locally-produced shows - packed houses, longer runs! The local scene is more vibrant than ever. May it keep growing pa. More Shakespeare too, please... I also wish to see Roselyn Perez in a production next year. Get that woman on the stage asap. Happy Holidays! - Topper Fabregas

I wish for a performing arts school in the Philippines catering to musical theater. - Jim Ferrer

I wish for a bigger Philippine audience and a cheaper way to let them know that theater shows are aplenty! - Robbie Guevara

Our Christmas Wishes for the Philippine Theater IndustryMy Christmas wish for Philippine Theater is that it continues to grow... in growth comes more employment for the theater actor and for people in the production side as well. It is our chance to hone our craft. - Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo

Wishing that the local theater industry would do more Filipino plays and musicals, and that there would be more opportunities for theater newbies to perform and enter theater circles. I wish all of us would have a good 2013, full of opportunities to share our craft and more support for the arts from our government. Yay! - Charley Magalit

I wish the country would have more theatergoers so that we have more reasons to continuously put on long-running productions. I also wish that we would be able to start forming an all-Filipino cast touring group doing various productions around the globe (just like what those Australian touring groups are doing) just so that the Filipino talent, we are so very proud of, would be given more recognition internationally. - Tanya Manalang

I wish more quality plays to be staged this year; more young, talented, and hardworking theater artists to emerge; more people to be interested in watching and talking/writing about theater in the Philippines; and yes, World Peace. - William Elvin Manzano

My wishes would be 1. Unity of Filipino artists - being united would accelerate our professionalization and impact as a creative industry. 2. Recognition - I hope the government would value our great talents and potential as a creative people. I wish there would be a cultural policy and an arts and culture development plan with reforms, legislation, and initiatives for the arts. 3. Wider support from the public including schools and private companies, particularly for Filipino talent and works. - Paul Alexander Morales

Our Christmas Wishes for the Philippine Theater IndustryI wish peace and prosperity. - Giannina Ocampo

I wish for more original musicals and straight plays in the future; but of course in general more exciting shows to come! Long live the theater! - Josh Ramirez

I wish more than being a money-making venture, theater companies in the country should start utilizing culture and the arts as a tool for education; and start inspiring the youth of today to be a hero for others after watching a play. - Vince Tanada

I wish for Philippine Theater to continue to thrive and churn out quality productions; and for more and more actors in the Philippines to be able to find employment and sustain themselves doing what they love. Personally, that my theater plans and projects will take off and bear fruit. - Rem Zamora

Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon! - BroadwayWorld Philippines

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