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Works & Process at the Guggenheim Continues Celebration of Pride with World Premiere Commissions

Works & Process at the Guggenheim Continues Celebration of Pride with World Premiere Commissions

On the occasion of New York City Pride and presented in conjunction with the "Embrace" edition of the Guggenheim Circular, Works & Process, the performing arts series at the Guggenheim, premiered the remaining Works & Process Artists (WPA) Virtual Commissions during Pride Week. The 10 newly commissioned video performances highlight the creative expressions by LGBTQ+ artists. Examining our evolving world, these inspiring and unique pieces, created while social distancing and less than 5 minutes long, are part of Works & Process Artists (WPA) Virtual Commissions, an initiative founded at the onset of the pandemic to financially support artists and nurture their creative process during these challenging times.

Talk Talk by Reid Bartelme and Harriet Jung- Premiered June 25, 2020

Spiral Temple by Viva DeConcini- Premiered June 26, 2020

Ghost Town In The Sky by Machine Dazzle - Premiered June 27, 2020

Not a Rose by Simone Dinnerstein, Isaac Mizrahi and Pam Tanowitz - Premiered June 28, 2020

Plan and Elevation by Tom Gold - Premiered June 29, 2020

Talk Talk

Artist Statement by Reid Bartelme and Harriet Jung

"This work was made prior to the mass uprisings in response to police violence against black lives across the country. While the isolation of the COVID-19 lockdown compelled us to reflect on our past, the current civic unrest is generating profound questions around how we will make art in the future. This video is a document of its moment-a reflection on how we collaborate, and on work we made with Pam Tanowitz that has brought us immense joy and pride."

"Talk Talk," on collaborating with Pam Tanowitz by Reid Bartelme and Harriet Jung

Drawings by Reid Bartelme

Directed, edited, and music by Jeremy Jacob

Spiral Temple

Artist Statement by Viva DeConcini:

"When Works & Process asked me to do a video for their Works & Process online quarantine edition, I immediately thought of the stunning Hilma af Klint show I saw at the Guggenheim. I wrote a poem for her and the way her work seems to point us to a more nature centered form of spirituality that could both comfort us as well as help us through these exceedingly trying times. When I went to make the video and didn't know where to film because of the strictures of the quarantine I remembered that everyone always wants to know what it was like to live with Machine Dazzle, we were roommates for 6 years, sort of like Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith, so I filmed it in his half of the apartment. Enjoy."

Viva DeConcini: writing and recitation of poem, art and concept design, cinematography, introduction, guitars

Machine Dazzle: interior and art design

Gregory Kramer: additional art and concept design, video editing

Gerard Kouwenhoven: music mixing

Ghost Town In The Sky

Artist Statement by Machine Dazzle:

"Isolation is the key factor in the manifestation of 'Ghost Town In The Sky.' Being alone with my thoughts is nothing new; as an artist I need my alone time to think and be... But when you're forced into Isolation, it's no longer a choice. My Covid 19 experience has been divided between two very different places..Hawaii , the safest US destination, and New York City, the epicenter of the pandemic. Hawaii, though on lockdown like the rest of the world, is still a relaxing paradise. Self-Quarantine was easy on the north coast of Maui. On a flight back to New York City I was immediately aware of how empty the airplane was. How unusually awkward it was to share space in an airtight container...the air, the fear, the knowing, the not knowing.. I arrived back in New York the day after George Floyd's murder. The streets went from empty, to overflowing.. From quiet to loud! The information, education and passion is intoxicating and undeniable. More than ever I am filled with self-awareness. One afternoon I went to get a slice of pizza, I had left my credit card at home. I had been purchasing everything with my card or online as a result of self-isolation. I had a twenty-dollar bill, which had been in my wallet for at least three months. It felt strange to hand someone cash with the stigma of spreading germs...He took it with a gloved hand, no big deal. I was grateful, and thought about all the struggling businesses.

June is Pride month and the day of the Gay Pride Parade has become a personal tradition. I've come to think of this parade as an opportunity for anyone to be anything they desire, not just for the LGBTQ community, but for all of humanity. I will miss that this year.. the day that the streets of New York City are loud and proud with the most Diverse group of humans I have ever seen, celebrating life. I'm holding out, however for the Queer Liberation March For Black Lives and Against Police Brutality! My outfit will be ready!"

Machine Dazzle - Concept, Songwriter, Vocals, Videographer

Viva DeConcini - Guitars, Bass, Chimes, and Production Whisperer

Gerard Kouwenhoven - Music Mixologist and Vocals

Gregory Kramer - Video Editor Magician

Pomegranate Arts - World Wide Representation for Machine Dazzle

Special Thanks to Andrew Martin-Weber and Charlotte

Yay to Wing and Weft Gloves.. I Glove You

Hi Mom

The Museum of Arts and Design will present a solo exhibition by Machine Dazzle in Spring 2022.

Not a Rose by Simone Dinnerstein, Isaac Mizrahi, and Pam Tanowitz

Performed by Isaac Mizrahi

Choreographed by Pam Tanowitz

Played by Simone Dinnerstein

Music: Couperin's "Les Barricades Mystérieuses"

Co-presented by DANCECleveland, The Joyce Theater, and New York City Center.

Plan and Elevation

Artist Statement by Tom Gold:

"I was inspired by Caroline Shaw's 'Plan and Elevation' and initially created this piece for my Spring 2020 New York show. With everything canceled because of coronavirus, I thought what from our old lives can we bring to our quarantine confines. Six weeks in I was desperate not only to go outside but to dance outside. I found a secluded area in Central Park. With uneven ground, twigs and stone, my footing was insecure, not so sure, and I had to adjust to the new floor. The sense of insecurity and uncertainty lingered after I'd returned home. So I called Dan, my friend who filmed it, and we agreed we could do better, to try again tomorrow. This time we found a new space, still with twigs and stones, a forest floor, in the nearby Ramble. I was concerned about disrupting the birdwatchers with my movement but when they saw we were creating art, they thanked us, appreciating the transient emotional experience of dance and our respect for the setting. The precariousness of the stage, and of the peace that would be disrupted a few short weeks later, makes me realize we can all do better. "Plan and Elevation": make a plan and elevate it to better ourselves and each other, little by little repair the world."

"Plan and Elevation" by Tom Gold

Music by Caroline Shaw

Film by Daniel Carlson

Previously Released Pride Premieres

Fleshcore by Ryan McNamara- Premiered June 20, 2020

Drawing to a Close by Pontus Lidberg- Premiered June 21, 2020

Rose: a true story and song by John Jarboe - Premiered June 22, 2020

Total Fabrication by Victoria Sin - Premiered June 23, 2020

Good Night by Jack Ferver and Jeremy Jacob - Premiered June 24, 2020

Works & Process Artists (WPA) Virtual Commissions Playlist

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