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Streaming of Clubbed Thumb's THE WOMAN'S PARTY Extended


1947 is the year that the savvy politicos of the National Woman’s Party will finally get the ERA passed—once they quash that insurgency. Or oust the old guard.

Streaming of Clubbed Thumb's THE WOMAN'S PARTY Extended

Tony Award-nominated and five-time Obie Award-winning theater company Clubbed Thumb has announced an extension for the world premiere of The Woman's Party. Originally scheduled to stream through August 31, The Woman's Party will now be available through Thursday September 23. All three episodes are streaming for free at

1947 is the year that the savvy politicos of the National Woman's Party will finally get the ERA passed-once they quash that insurgency. Or oust the old guard. Failure is Impossible.

The Woman's Party takes place 27 years after the ratification of women's suffrage, when the Equal Rights Amendment was poised for passage. We meet ten impressive women, veterans of the original battle, roughly organized in two opposing sides: one representing strategic, sometimes brutally single-minded focus on passing the ERA, the other seeking a broader mandate, to include other issues, other voices. The production grapples with critical failures within that chapter of Feminism, and what happens when vision and strategy are at loggerheads.

Written by Rinne B. Groff and directed by Tara Ahmadinejad, The Woman's Party is divided into three 30-minute episodes, which were filmed over the course of four weeks remotely from each actor's home. Originally slated to premiere as part of the 2020 Summerworks Festival, the streaming version of the piece premiered in Spring 2021.

The cast of The Woman's Party includes Rosalyn Coleman (To Kill a Mockingbird, "ctrl alt delete"), Alma Cuervo (On Your Feet!, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown), Laura Esterman (Good for Otto, "I Know This Much is True"), Marga Gomez (Dr. Ride's American Beach House, "Sense8"), Marceline Hugot (Marys Seacole, "30 Rock"), Emily Kuroda (Endlings, "Gilmore Girls"), Lizan Mitchell (Shadow/Land, "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"), Socorro Santiago (Mojado, Of Government), Rebecca Schull ("Wings", Fefu and Her Friends) and Connie Winston (Lemkin's House, "Law & Order").

The Woman's Party features set design by dots, lighting design by Masha Tsimring, costume design by Mel Ng, sound design by Melanie Chen Cole and hair and makeup design by Earon Nealey. Nicholas Hussong and Masha Tsimring served as Creative Technology Directors. The Woman's Party was edited by Blake Manns. NJ Agnuwa served as the Associate Director for the production; Joanne Pan served as the Assistant Director; and Jonathan Castanien served as the Second Assistant Director. The Assistant Scenic Designer was Fufan Zhang, the Associate Costume Designer was Emily White, the Assistant Lighting Designer was Mextly Couzin, the Associate Sound Designer was Evan Eason and the Writer's Assistant was Madeline Mehrer. Jenny Beth Snyder (Tech Without Tears) served as Production Manager.

The Woman's Party is available to stream at where audiences are also able to explore dramaturgical research on the historical figures and events depicted in the production, interviews with the cast and more. The episodes are free to watch with registration.

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