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Student Blog: A Letter to Summer in the City

An Experience Like No Other

Student Blog: A Letter to Summer in the City

It's no surprise that I wholeheartedly love New York City. From a very young age, the city that never sleeps captured my heart because of its bright life, fast pace and how every moment feels like you're in a movie. There is no place like NYC, nowhere. And while millions around the world can only wish to visit and people travel miles upon miles just to experience life in the city for only a few days, I'm lucky to live close enough that an hour drive is all it takes for me to be enveloped in New York's magic.

Despite the fact that I have spent countless hours in the famous city during all four seasons, arguably the most magical is the summertime. Yes, Christmas in New York is a literal dream come true and there is almost nothing that even comes close to seeing the sights or experiencing the holiday atmosphere in such a special way. But, there is something about the warm summer sun, happy smiles that everyone wears and lightheartedness in the air that makes summer the best in NYC.

There are so many irreplaceable things to be done during the warmer months that can't be missed. Whether you're walking the High Line, visiting Little Island, getting a view of the city from one of the many observation decks or exploring independently and locally owned stores, life in New York during the summer is something that everyone needs to experience. There is something for everyone to enjoy and creating memories is exceptionally easy on the days spent in the Big Apple.

Because I love New York and visit at any available chance, my experiences and favorite things span across a variety of categories. I have found my favorite small bookstore, had unbelievable amounts of fun at different interactive exhibits, saw indescribable sights and created memories that will stay with me forever. Usually, the trips include just my best friend and I, but I have started showing my family the little hidden gems hidden around New York City and they are beginning to love summer in the city more than ever before.

And while I've had my fair share of city days this summer whenever possible, the season is coming to an end and life is shifting back to the usual routine of attending classes, working long hours or taking care of family members. Summer is the time of freedom and happiness that is unmatched for multiple reasons. However, those feelings are only amplified by spending time in New York and it's an experience I can't recommend enough. Everyone deserves to feel the joy and stunning moments that can only be found within the city limits.

So do it.

Be spontaneous and take the step to travel to New York City. Let it be an unforgettable trip that you won't regret going on. Have the time of your life. Whether you're visiting for the first time or this is another addition to your countless amount of trips, are from thousands of miles away or can drive there in almost no time, it's worth it. I promise you won't regret making the journey and every single moment will be the very best time.

Summer in New York is unlike anything else and has grown my love for the magical city each time I spend a day exploring the many streets in the bright sunlight. It's one of the best places to be during the summer and it's simply amazing.

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