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Interview: Sasha R. Cassadine (Henry Mason) of BROADWAY DRAG BRUNCH at Flip Phone

Interview: Sasha R. Cassadine (Henry Mason) of BROADWAY DRAG BRUNCH at Flip Phone Flip Phone Events host drag Brunches and dance parties in Minneapolis, New York City, and Chicago.

This weekend, Flip Phone will be paying tribute to Broadway on the rooftop of Crave. Featuring Sasha Cassadine (Henry Mason as the host), Blackberri (Houston), and more!

We chat with the host and drag queen - Sasha Cassadine about musical theatre and the Broadway Drag Brunch!

How does it feel to be performing in front of live audiences again?

It is absolutely amazing, after being locked down for a while, it feels good to have audiences and the good energy back! I am here for it!

What inspired you to be a perform drag?

My drag mother, watching her and how she commands the audience. I loved the costume and glamour. Plus, I always felt I was a little bit extra!

What was the first musical you saw?

I was a little late to the game but ... Six! It was crazy good! I saw it twice! Ever since then I've been addicted to Broadway and live shows!

Did you did ever participate or do live theatre?

I am originally from the south and being in musicals was looked down upon especially for guys... unfortunately. That is why I do drag today!

What is your favorite musical?


What is your favorite musical song?

"No way," sung by Catherine Howard

What is your favorite musical song to perform drag to?

Saved from Smokey Joes Cafe - I love the soul and gospel element.

Who were your musical/performer influences?

Chaka Khan and Beyoncé!

Is there a musical you are still hoping to see?

Hamilton! I watched it on Disney+ but want to see it live! I love King George's song "You'll Be Back!

What is musical theatre role you'd want to play?

Ursula in the Little Mermaid!

How does the world of drag and musical theatre compare?

In a lot of ways, costumes, performing aspect - 100%! We have to give the same amount of energy even though we're just lip-syncing, we have to portray a character and capture an audience!

Why do think drag is important

It creates acceptance, drag has been given a bad rap at times in the media, or there is always a misconception about what drag is and it's just drag. We are humans and we have a good time! We have a lot of heterosexuals that attend our brunches and it's great for them to see what we do. We're humans... we just love wearing wigs and make up!

What qualities and characteristics make for a good drag queen?

You have to be humble, appreciate every single opportunity, sassy and have a lot of personality, and be brave and open minded, take advice and learn from other people. Be fearless and just have a good time and our job is to make people forget about all the things that are happening in this crazy world that we live in.

What do you hope the audience takes away from the Broadway drag brunch?

I want them to take away that we love what we do and we always have to pay our respects to the Broadway community, they work hard as they perform eight shows a week, there are times we are performing up to three shows a day on the weekend. It takes a lot of passion and heart for what we do. We love it!

Thank you Sasha for your time!

For more information on the Flip Phone Broadway drag brunch, click here

Photo courtesy of Sasha R. Cassadine

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