THE AWAKENING Debuts at the Naomi Bruton Theater, 3/22

THE AWAKENING Debuts at the Naomi Bruton Theater, 3/22

The Awakening is described as "a psychological love story told through a medium called "the fashion opera" that explores the power of The Language of Perception as it relates to people of African descent and an endless battle at the doorsteps of White Approval."

After centuries of oppression, they thought they were rising, but left the elements of who they are behind. They proclaimed that they were beautiful, but took the elements of themselves out of the equation. They thought they were free, but forgot that freedom was more than a physical declaration. They thought they had arrived, but didn't realize they had been conquered. Something had gone terribly wrong along the way. Something had been brewing at the seat of their souls rooted in centuries of hate.

Beauty, it is defined as that which pleases the eyes and senses. "What is it that pleases you?" asks the Goddess of Beauty. "Perception Deceives. What if that which you cannot see as beautiful is something so vital to your existence. Could it be that you have removed yourself and your people from The Equation of Beauty?"

The greatest way to enslave and conquer a people eternally is to remove them from The Equation of Beauty, and convince them that the elements of who they are is of a second class existence and must be constantly adjusted to the approval of an oppressor or oppressive structure to be seen as appropriate, beautiful, intelligent, professional, worthy, and significant.

March 22 - 24. 2013
Naomi Bruton Main Stage
1309 Canton Street / Dallas TX

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