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Review: MISERY at The Belmont Theatre

Review: MISERY at The Belmont Theatre

The production runs through October 30th.

Whether you are a fan of the novel or the 1990's film adaptation, you will not be disappointed by The Belmont Theatre's production of Misery.

Based on the Stephen King novel and adapted for the stage by Wiliam Goldman, Misery tells the story of how Paul Sheldon (a famous romance novelist) finds himself awakening from a near death accident in the home of Annie Wilkes (his biggest fan). After days of unconsciousness, Paul begins to understand his surroundings and asks his good samaritan if she has seen his important satchel containing his next book. Excited to read the next installment of the life of Misery Chastain, Annie is shocked to discover the manuscript is not another romance book but an experiment in self discovery and a change in genre. She becomes furious, providing a glimpse of deep psychological issues, when she learns that Sheldon has killed off her precious Misery Chastain ending the Misery romance novel series. What follows is a psychological thriller including drugs, deception, and torment.

As the show focuses primarily on two main characters and their ability to work together and play off one another, casting is vital and chemistry is critical. Rarely have I seen a community theater manage this as well as last night's production. Gordon Einhorn's Sheldon, whether confused and disoriented, reeling in pain, or cunning and manipulative, is spot on convincing. Einhorn embraces his character and is a joy to watch. Not to be out done, Christina Ausherman's Wilkes starts off as a shy and admiring fan who devolves into a mean and sadistic middle aged woman with serious psychological issues. Watching Ausherman's Wilkes slowly become stranger and stranger was played beautifully and the actresses choices in delivery and body language sold this decline in stability. While only a small part, the sheriff, played by Christopher Drinkut, exemplified the old adage that there are no small parts... Drinkut's portrayal was subtle and smooth. I don't know if he has a natural southern accent, but he was a natural southern sheriff.

The performances were not the only highlights of the evening. The stage design, lighting, and sound set a wonderful atmosphere and tone. Shifts from day to day were well designed and storms helped create the mood. Director Greg Koslosky, along with light and sound design by Judi Miller and Brandon Miller, should be commended for the elements they brought to the stage.

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