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BWW Feature: Spotlight On Sean Harkness - A Video Library


Those who know, already know; those who don't, get ready to be wowed.

BWW Feature: Spotlight On Sean Harkness - A Video Library Last night our family gathered around the big screen to watch the Broadway On Demand broadcast of the Doris Dear CHRISTMAS SPECIAL. The special was quite fun, especially with a big bowl of popcorn and whatever hot drink everyone wanted - myself, I prefer a pot of Harney & Sons Black Cask Bourbon tea, but everybody has their own thing when snow is on the ground and Doris Dear is on the television with a white light-up Christmas tree next to her. As the evening progressed and the talented artists came on to do their numbers, everyone in the room was both impressed and entertained... but there was one performer that elicited the biggest response from the room. Though slightly inappropriate to hear during a Christmas special, the immediate reaction when Sean Harkness came onstage was "He's hot!" and that is not a reaction that is uncharacteristic to the people in my family. However, when Sean began to play his guitar and, indeed, as the performance continued, the exclamations from around the room switched from the more base "he's hot" to "Wow!" and "Oh. My. Gosh." and my personal favorite, "JESUS CRIMINY!"

And at that, Sean Harkness had acquired some new fans.

I myself have been an admirer of Mr. Harkness's artistry for a while (as anyone who has read anything that I have written about him can verify) and with good reason: he's a marvel. You could basically listen to Sean Harkness play anything, and you could basically do it all day. Frankly, if I were ever to have a movie made about my life I would want the soundtrack to be done by Sean Harkness; he is one of a kind. So it was sort of validating and kind of thrilling and terribly satisfying to see members of my family react so strongly to an artist that I have supported and respected for so long.

So just in case there are other people out there who haven't witnessed the magic of Sean Harkness, people who didn't catch the Doris Dear Christmas Special, I would like to present to everyone an early Christmas present: a catalog of some Sean Harkness musical performances, many of them recent quarantine creations made possible through modern technology. Enjoy the videos, enjoy the collaborators, enjoy Sean Harkness.

Sean Harkness and his buddy Tom Wopat:

Sean Harkness and Monday Michiru:

Sean Harkness with Sophia Ramos:

Sean Harkness with Yaron Gershovsky:

Sean Harkness with William Michaels:

Sean Harkness with Eddie Korbich:

Sean Harkness with Glen Dickerson:

Sean Harkness with Alfa Garcia:

Sean Harkness with Lina Koutrakos & Marcus Simeone - CLEARLY NOW:

Sean Harkness with Suzanne Fiore, Lucia Bradford & Dawn Derow:

And, in honor of the season, Sean Harkness at Christmastime:

Visit the Sean Harkness website HERE.

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