ROCK IT GREEN! Launches Search for Co-Host

ROCK IT GREEN! Launches Search for Co-Host

Do you love your planet? What would you do for it? Do you want sustainability? Do you know a celebrity working on sustainability or a television show or film that is sustainable? Would you have a conversation sitting on top of the most sustainable Rock in New York City next to Hollywood Power Players and perhaps land on national television to be part of making a better future?

Well now you can. Audition and casting call submissions are being accepted for a co-host for Rock It Green! The search is on and your time is now!

Requirements will be to work alongside Host Antonio Saillant, and assist in interviewing and interacting with celebrities as well as sustainability professionals. This television show is the first of it's kind. We will bring stories that make a difference, that help fight climate change and pollution around the world, and support approaches that will make life more sustainable for people and our planet, our future.

The most sustainable Rock in New York City is a perfect place to interview varied celebrities and sustainable professionals. Not only is Central Park's Umpire Rock well known for it's commanding view of nearby baseball diamonds, it has an unusually rich endowment of exposed, ancient bedrock-rocks that contain visible EVIDENCE of epochal events dating back hundreds of millions of years.

Saillant's mission is to broadcast sustainable awareness globally. The film industry is a great platform for a more sustainable future. His objective of the "Rock It Green" program is to identify perfect existing environmental best practices within film and television, based on interviews and behind the scenes look throughout film production in the motion picture industry.

We want to reach a wide demographic of audiences that will appreciate the Entertainment Industry's Influence on Change as well as having Entertainment Professionals set sustainable approaches everywhere.

Rock It Green is a great opportunity for a sustainable future. Saillant believes that Rock It Green will be a great platform for producers during promotion of their films or television program. What a better way to promote sustainable green practices which includes press releases, advertising campaigns, merchandising and media, and interviews with key people involved in the making of the film, like actors, directors, etc. A positive way to spread global awareness to help change the world.

If you are serious and interested in being a Co-Host, Producers need you to post video auditions on YouTube. Send submissions to the link below: or Please visit the official website for more exciting information about the show at The show is in development and will run throughout the year. Your comments are welcomed! Check in for Rock It Green With Antonio Saillant's Co-Host updates.