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RECAP: The Men of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Talked About How They Booked Their Roles on STARS IN THE HOUSE

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RECAP: The Men of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Talked About How They Booked Their Roles on STARS IN THE HOUSE

Stars in The House, benefiting The Actors Fund, continued Friday night (8pm) for The Men Of Desperate Housewives with James Denton, Ricardo Antonio Chavira, Kevin Rahm, Doug Savant, Tuc Watkins.

The men of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES told their audition stories.

Kevin Rahm began, "The day I auditioned, I was actually doing an episode of SCRUBS and I was in a bald cap and I had until 5 o'clock to get to Universal and they cut me at 4:30 and had to take the bald cap off and I raced over there and my now wife was with me and they wouldn't let her on the lot...I said 'I'm not making her sit on the curb while I go audition for this role I don't really want.' They said 'she can't come in...' I was pissed when I went into that audition and I actually read for Tuc's roll and I read just bitchy...and I think that's how I got the job because I was just so pissed at the gate guard."

Tuc Watkins added, "When I read, I read with two different actors for the role of Lee. I read with one guy and I was terrible and I read with Kevin and I was good! So I think Kevin brought something out of me and that kind of worked so I think maybe that's why they put us together."

Ricardo said, "I had just gotten back to LA after doing a stint at the Seattle Rep...and a buddy of mine came to visit me and was wearing a suit and I said what role did you just audition for...he showed me the sides and said 'actually you're perfect for it...' [the auditon] was on a Saturday in the morning at 10:30 which in those days was like the kiss of're lucky if they even show up. Fortunately it was Marc Cherry and Marc Cherry was there in THE ROOM because he probably had nothing else to do on a Saturday. I went in and that was pretty much it."

"I was lucky. I was on a show the year of the showrunners Michael Levelstein, took over at DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and brought a lot of our crew with him and Michael went to Marc I think and said I show up sober and know my lines. I went and read for Marc and Marc Cherry said 'can you be more Italian?'

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