Three Ways to Enjoy Pineau Des Charentes This Summer

As summer approaches and warm weather festivities kick into high gear, awaken your senses and step up your outdoor entertaining game with Pineau des Charentes, America's next craft drink obsession. Get to know Pineau des Charentes, a unique type of fortified wine produced in the Charentes region of France and rediscover the many ways to enjoy this drink and impress your friends at your next gathering.

What is Pineau des Charentes?

A rare wine experience Made from an unprecedented combination of freshly pressed grape juice with the bold kick of Cognac, Pineau des Charentes comes in three colors (red, white and ros) and offers a one-of-a-kind gustatory experience that varies depending on its age. While young Pineau des Charentes is fruity and light, old and very old Pineau des Charentes mix complex notes of nuts, honey and dried fruit.

The result of a unique savoir-faire Produced exclusively in France's Charente and Charente-Maritime departments and protected under AOC status since 1945, Pineau des Charentes benefits from the long-standing expertise and historical know-how of Cognac cellar-masters, embodying French's proven craftsmanship and savoir-faire.

A one-of-a-kind drink tailored to every taste Pineau des Charentes gets wine, spirits and cocktail lovers on board. Cocktail drinkers will fall for its versatility and capacity to enhance all-star classics, while spirit enthusiasts will appreciate its fine spirit kick and enjoy it on its own. Not into frilly cocktails or spirits? Wine drinkers will be seduced by white Pineau des Charentes' balanced profile, while others will prefer the generosity of red Pineau des Charentes. Both are food-friendly and pair perfectly with savory dishes such as fish, white meats or seafood, cheeses and desserts. Whatever your drinking preference, there is a Pineau des Charentes for everyone!

Choose Pineau des Charentes to jazz up an al fresco dining

Is there any summer pleasure more gratifying than sitting outside and sipping great wine with friends? Whether you're hitting the backyard for picnic, a rooftop party or organizing after-work drinks, Pineau des Charentes fortified wines are perfect for active and outdoorsy wine drinkers in search of sophistication and surprise. Follow this guide to learn how to enjoy them and start summer with a bang!

Pre-Dinner cocktail Start your Pineau des Charentes adventure on the right note by experiencing it in a refreshing cocktail. Since Pineau des Charentes is available in three varieties (white, red, ros), cocktail associations are multiple. What about serving a Pinojito to impress your friends? You'll need 2 oz White Pineau des Charentes, 8 Fresh Mint Leaves, 6 lime chunks, 1d rop Angostura bitter and sparkling water. Crush mint leaves with lime in a mortar and pestle and mixes with Angostura bitter and sugar cane syrup in a long drink glass. Add Pineau des Charentes and ice before stirring with a bar spoon. Finish with sparkling water and garnish with a mint leaf. Sant!

Dinner courses Thanks to the diversity of its taste, Pineau des Charentes pairs perfectly with a wide variety of foods that Americans love. With a higher - yet still moderate - alcohol content, Pineau des Charentes offers a perky pairing and does not overwhelm your meal's flavors. For the ultimate summer pairing, choose a young white Pineau to accompany your grilled white meat, fresh oysters and potato blinis or goat cheeses.

Digestive Top off your party by serving neat Pineau des Charentes. Its lightness, with an alcohol content of 17%, make it accessible to digestive or aperitif snobs. Our personal favorites are Aged Pineau des Charentes: they offer more complex and concentrated flavors with distinctive fresh fruit tones morphing into dried fruit and nuts. While some will relish old reds that pair beautifully with chocolate, light cheese, and coffee, others will fall for aged whites, great partners of blue cheeses.

Pineau des Charentes is available for nationwide purchase. About 26 brands are distributed in 24 U.S. States including California, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois and Massachusetts.

About Pineau des Charentes
Pineau des Charentes is the combination of freshly pressed grape juice blended with Cognac. Produced exclusively in France's Cognac region, this spirited wine redefines wine experience with its unique aromatic palette and versatility. Whether in a cocktail, as food pairing or as a digestive, there is a Pineau des Charentes for every taste bud and occasion.

The Pineau des Charentes Committee, known in France as the Comit National du Pineau des Charentes (CNPC), represents over 500 wineries and trade companies that produce Pineau des Charentes in France's Charente and Charente-Maritime regions. The CNPC protects the interests of those who make and sell these wines.

Key figures about Pineau des Charentes

  • In 2017, 10 540 000 bottles were sold worldwide; 37 000 bottles were sold in the US.
  • 35 producers and merchants are represented in the U.S (from 120 to 7,200 bottles per brand) and distributed in 24 states including California, New York, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois and Massachusetts.

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Three Ways to Enjoy Pineau Des Charentes This Summer

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