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BWW Interview: ACTOR DARRYL HARTIt's Darryl Hart at the The Taylor Theatre on stage with a wonderful acting first start for you?

MCL:When did acting first start for you? What was the first role you played that made you fall in Love with acting?

at was the first role you played that made

DH: Fourth grade was the first time I was in a show ever. It was a musical called Scarecrow Dick. I played a farmer. Someone else was Dick. The first role that made me fall in love with acting was Santa Claus. 8th grade musical. I was a very skinny Santa. Lisa Ludwig was in that show with me. It was called What are you giving for Christmas.

MCL: I'm sure there are so many but what were some of your favorite productions? Why?

MCL:I'm sure there are so many but what were some of your favorite productions? Why?

DH: At New Phoenix Theatre I played Duncan and other smaller parts in Macbeth. I loved the language and the vision that Kelli Natale had for the show. It was a physical show that used the entirety of the theater. I'm certain it was just as enjoyable to watch as it was to perform. Brian Riggs was AMAZING as Macbeth! I also enjoyed being in Texas Homos with Chris Kelly Eric Rawski and Caitlain Baumler-Coleman. Being on stage with these heavy hitters is a lot of fun and such an honor.

During Macbeth Kelli Natale broke her ankle and Joe Natale and then eventually Lorraine O'Donnell finished the direction.

I forgot to add that

MCat do you look for in a script?

MCL:What do you look for in a script?

DH When I'm asked to be in a show I look to see if it's a fit for me. I need to feel comfortable with the production company, the theater and definitely the director. If the role I'm being asked to take on is a stretch on my abilities I need to envision myself doing the part. If I can't see myself becoming that character I won't take the role. Same for the other Variables, If I don't trust the directors capabilities I won't even audition.

MCL:What do you look for in a director?

DH: I look for a director who has a clear grasp on the text. A director who has done their homework and either is doing this play because they are passionate about it or they believe after going through the script several Times that they can do the play in a way that is different than a typical production. I also look to the director for support when I'm having doubts about what i'm doing. That critical eye is so important as a director. And some stand out from all the others. The director also needs to be a coach, actors are a different breed, we all want praise and need that. It's our fuel to keep going when you're totally exhausted late at night at rehearsal. Also, directors in Buffalo realize, some don't but most do, that everyone, most everyone, has a day job and acting is their passion but working during the day pays the bills. I guess what I'm saying is a director needs to be sensitive to the actors lives.

MCL:You are currenty in production with "The Prisoner of Second Avenue" by Neil Simon. Who is your character? What drew you to him?cri

DH: My character in Prisoner of 2nd avenue is Mel. A middle age account executive who is having a mental break. What drew me to this show is that was written by Neil Simon. What continues to draw me to this show is that it isn't typical Neil Simon.

It has a tendency to be a dark comedy.

I am so fortunate to be playing opposite of Kathleen Rooney. She is an amazing actor who is very supportive.

MCL: Please describe the play without giving away too much.
The play has so much true to life moments with drama and comedy. How do you balance those emotions?play without giving away too much.

DH: Interesting question, Mental health is an area that has touched my life directly. I have had to deal with my own depression in the past and i have several family members and friends who are dealing with their own mental health issues or have in the past. Although I don't consider myself an expert, for that I would refer you to my wife, I do believe it's best to laugh and laugh at yourself when you go through these times in your life. Although it is so difficult sometime to do. Mel goes through the stress of losing a job and being robbed. He's hit his lowest point and you start to see him come through the other side stronger and more confident. As only Neil Simon can do with jokes. When you're going through depression you think you'll always be at that lowest point and can't imagine it'll get better but it does. Something happens or someone comes into your life, a therapist, a love, a new job etc. and you begin to see that you aren't stuck on one path, now there's more than one to pick from.

MCL: The play has so much tru to life moments with drama and comedy. How do you balance

those emotions?

MCL:Time to promote ... What else is coming up for you in 2019/2020?to promote ... What else is coming up for you in 2019/2020?

DH: In April 2020 I'm back at the Taylor theatre performing in The Dining Room, by A.R. Gurney, directed by Betsy Bittnar. I first saw this play several years ago at the Taylor and loved it.


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