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Theatre for Beginners by Richard Maxwell Buy Theatre for Beginners on Amazon

Theater is the room where performance happens. Where people sit and watch other people. The moment to moment event that unfolds hinges on our imperfect-ness. . . . Theatre for Beginners is a manual for the actor based in the belief that the person is interesting before the performing happens, and the essence of good stage work is rooted in a constant state of beginning.

Richard Maxwell, the downtown writer and director with a deadpan aesthetic and an ever-innovative body of work, has written a quasi-study guide to the art of making theater according to his "affecting affectless technique" (The New York Times). This illuminating volume will provide students and artists with a deeper understanding of Maxwell's work, aesthetic philosophy, and process for creating theater.

Available On:
Theatre for Beginners on Paperback

Publisher: Theatre Communications Group

Released: 2011

Buy Theatre for Beginners on Amazon



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