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This second edition is fully revised, with full-colour images throughout, new entries on the latest musicals and a brand new index and glossary. This book explores precursors to the musical, from The Beggar's Opera, through operetta to works such as No, No, Nanette. It then takes you through the development of the genre, looking at changes in style during its 80-year history, and shows why a series of significant works have become so influential. It offers a series of case studies, with examples drawn from the more popular and familiar works, including Show Boat, Anything Goes, Porgy and Bess, Oklahoma!, West Side Story, Cabaret and Jesus Christ Superstar. Written to be of value during all music and performing arts courses that include the study of musicals - as well as to the general reader - Musicals in Focus is an ideal introduction for those who want to learn more about musical theatre.

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Musicals in Focus on Paperback

Publisher: Rhinegold Publishing Ltd

Released: 2009

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