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Citizen Y - by John Harrigan, Curcio James

Citizen Y by John Harrigan, Curcio James

Civilisation has fallen. In the rubble, we at the Y Corporation have developed the ultimate solution to save society: the Y Show. We encourage all good citizens to sign up for the show. You will be housed within a wonderful Haze Treatment Facility and undergo unique psychological treatment, which will clear away the illness of individuality. This reprogramming will be broadcast to the eyes and ears of citizens in our New World, populated with previous contestants and patients. This is a reality show unlike any other! There is a secret that haunts Haze01, the original treatment facility. Two patients, locked deep within its walls, contain archetypes that reject all reprogramming. They channel portents and omens of another future, a world where myth and divinity remake reality, manifesting a planet fit for Gods. In this season of the Y show, the doctors of the facility make their final attempt to process these two patients, before they break free and unleash total anarchy. Tune in. Citizen Y by John Harrigan and James Curcio is more than a script, Citizen Y is a blueprint of a ritual experience. It is a demonstration of how you can create an immersive, transformative experience for an audience that goes beyond passive entertainment. Parodying our fixation on spoon-fed media, it transports the reader into a post-apocalyptic reality show where the grand prize is the future itself. Citizen Y fuses characters from James Curcio's Fallen Nation books and John Harrigan's GraveLand myth into a unique hybrid narrative. Both writers have decades of experience producing mythic, occult experiences that transcend the boundaries of media, audience and stage. Includes concept artwork by James Curcio, Daniele Serra, and P. Emerson Williams.

Available On:
Citizen Y on Paperback

Publisher: Weaponized

Released: 2011

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