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The Knowledge Project (TKP): New Coaches, Courses and Opportunities

For teens, young performers and producers

The Knowledge Project (TKP): New Coaches, Courses and Opportunities

The Knowledge Project (TKP) introduces the new line up of creatives, technical professionals and writers who will guide small groups of teens in 5-week courses. In March, April and May, students can experience how to get the most out of their natural voice, find confidence in crafting and telling jokes to make others laugh, strengthen storytelling and filmmaking techniques with a team and turn their dreams and ideas into a well-written body of work for publication.

The organization established itself in 1993. Its national, annual children's creative writing campaign recognizes young writers in grades K - 8 and publishes selected stories and artwork. Our collaboration with New York City's public schools advances student learning with writing and media projects. Today, TKP furthers literacy by offering students effective communication techniques and a range of digital fluency tools used for modern storytelling.

Our newest coach, Adriana Davis, is an experienced and connected voice actor, coach, director and producer with her own production company. She will offer teens a course in fun, improvisational voice acting. The goal is to prepare students for recording corporate, commercial and animation demo reels. In a final showcase, students will perform actual scripts as varied characters and share their new talent with parents.

Much like this final showcase, TKP creates special public events and publishing opportunities like Teens Mind zine open for submissions year round and published quarterly. Each course offers knowledge as well as a final product.

We cultivate each student's strengths and creative potential through in-person and virtual courses coached by field experts who also know and share the business side. Students collaborate on a project and present or produce individually, a body of well-crafted work. By offering TKP courses virtually, we broaden our reach and bring together self-selected students from all over the country to learn from our coaches and work on projects. We are also fortunate to offer free Monday Masterclasses to introduce the coaches and what students can expect to learn in a course. Mondays from 6:30 - 7:30pm, they are open to all teens and adults.

Courses (Special introductory rates through May 2021):

Starting March 30th:

Voice Acting with Producer, Voice Actor and Coach Adriana Davis

Learn how to add emotional subtly to your performances that motivate the listener into action. You'll expand your vocal range as Adriana guides you through scripts that will eventually make-up your demo reel, the essential tool to get hired in the professional voice acting world. Sign up

Starting April 15:

Pre-Production Starts with a Story with Producer/Director José Esquea + other notable artistic and technical guests.

Learn and master the basics of producing a digital short story from planning to completing a video and submitting it for competition. Clarify the subject, content, and goal of your production project, starting with the story you want to tell. Assemble your creative and technical production team with clearly defined roles and tasks. Set a positive tone, work ethic, and environment. #gettingitdone Sign Up

Starting April 17:

Stand-up Comedy with Carlos Garcia, Stand-up Comedian and Actor.

Carlos guides students through the art of making jokes, playing with an audience to make them laugh and introducing them to the comedy business . They will build a short stand-up set and have the opportunity to perform at a Virtual Open Mic. Sign up

Starting April 21:

Special Edition: Teens Mind zine

Writing Wild in the City with Kate Newman freelance writer and beekeeper. Deepen your relationship with your urban environment and learn about plants and animals by participating in a Citizen's Science Project and writing for a publication. Sign up coming soon.

Deadlines for the Teens Mind zine - Open submissions for stories, illustrations, and digital photographs by teens.

Deadline for April publication, Wednesday, March 24, 2021.

Deadline for June publication, Friday, May 14, 2021 - Special Nature Writing issue with freelance writer and Editor-In-Chief, Kate Newman

Events: sign up details coming to the The Knowledge Project website soon!

April 1, Thursday, 7:00 - 8:30pm Teens Write Television Comedy with award-winning playwright and comedic writer, Sarah Congress.

Sign Up for a public reading of completed short comedic scripts written by students and performed by professional actors and directed by Miriam Grill. Sign up details coming soon.

May 19, Wednesday, 6:00pm Open Mic Night

Comedy sets performed by students in Stand-Up Comedy with Carlos Garcia.

Masterclasses Mondays 6:30pm Sign up for FREE

March 22, Pre-Production with Co-Presenters Jose Esquea, Film & Theatre Director/Producer and Chryssy Fellmeth, StoryBoard Artist and SVA Instructor

How making a storyboard helps planning for your production.

March 29, Crafting A Joke with Comedian Carlos Garcia. Learn the structure of a joke, how to write your own and ways to share it

April 12, Learn about Writing Wild in the City with freelance feature writer and beekeeper,, Kate Newman.

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