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Student Blogs This Week - Looking Ahead to 2022, Stories from a Short Film Set, and More


Check out what our student bloggers are writing about for the week of January 6 - January 13

Our student bloggers write about how they're coping with the current global health crisis, give insight on their school's performing arts programs, share their opinions on the latest theater news, and so much more.

Read some of the top blogs from this week below!

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Student Blog: What I'm Looking Forward to in 2022Student Blog: What I'm Looking Forward to in 2022

Student Blogger: Paige Rosko

Excerpt: Happy 2022 everyone! In my last article, I wrote about my favorite moments from 2021, and towards the end, I included some of the things I'm excited about for 2022. In this article, I am going to be diving in-depth into some of the things I talked about and also some things I forgot to mention in that article. The return of live theater is something I think we are all very excited about for 2022. While many shows made their return in 2021, there are many openings still to happen, on Broadway and around the world. While shows are currently being postponed or canceled due to the rise in Coronavirus cases, we can only hope that by the end of 2022 we will see pre-pandemic levels of theater engagement.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Gotta Get Back to Set LifeStudent Blog: Gotta Get Back to Set Life

Student Blogger: Lana Sage

Excerpt: Where my last blog ended is where this current blog begins. Before officially starting my winter break from BU, I made a film... I mean, I was part of the making of a film... Being back on set was a slap in the face I desperately needed. I just hope it won't take another six years to come back...

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: An Interview with <a target=McKenna Kerrigan" height="150" src="" align="left" width="150" />Student Blog: An Interview with McKenna Kerrigan

Student Blogger: Blake Velick

Excerpt: I recently had the opportunity to ask McKenna Kerrigan a few questions on her teaching experience and career as well as some advice for young theatre professionals. Her responses remind us of the excitement we derive from the theatre and how all our experiences can teach us something.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Keeping Afloat in a Pandemic (and on Winter Break)Student Blog: Keeping Afloat in a Pandemic (and on Winter Break)

Student Blogger: Brighton Horan

Excerpt: Whether it's artsy-craftsy like my interests or something totally different (say, simply picking up a few new books to read), it's important to find something stimulating for you to do in this time. Inactivity leads to boredom which leads to spiraling into your own thoughts and doom-scrolling.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: Looking Back and Looking AheadStudent Blog: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Student Blogger: Allie Pruett

Excerpt: This year, I'm going to my first real musical. Yes, I saw a couple in high school and performed in many in my children's choir at church, but I've never been to a professional performance. Thankfully, my mom gifted me (and herself) Hamilton tickets for when the U.S. tour stops in St. Louis.

Read the full blog here!

Student Blog: My Return to the TheaterStudent Blog: My Return to the Theater

Student Blogger: Silvana Flores

Excerpt: I loved The Prom and if I could, I would watch it again and again and again, because to bring this great story to life, they needed an exceptional company and they found it. Every time they were on stage, they gave everything and brought this magic that we can only see in the theater. I'm glad and proud that here in Mexico City, we have plays and musicals with this quality, made with effort, passion and love.

Read the full blog here!

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