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Student Blogger: Lana Sage

Hi Friends! I am a bi-coastal actor, director, writer, choreographer, singer, musician, and dancer represented in the Pacific Northwest by Option and living in Boston, MA. I have been performing professionally in theatre since 2015 and in film since age 2011. I am currently a student at Boston University pursuing Acting/Directing/Playwrighting with minor emphases in Communications and Social and Racial Justice. In 2021, I earned an Associates Degree in General Studies (AGS) and a Career Endorsement in Musical theatre as part of an early college program. As a storyteller, I have a passion for analyzing and discussing books, film, music, theatre, and art. I enjoy directing, choreographing, singing/playing music, and writing songs, plays, novels and poems. 



Lana's Guide For Actually Enjoying Self Tapes
August 22, 2022

Through my disdain of self tapes and hope to revive the feeling of being in a physical audition room, I've created some ground rules for myself. I hope these help, because they have surely helped me.

The Life and Times of Art
June 24, 2022

Something they don’t tell you enough about college: you don’t have any time. You’d think that, if you’re majoring in some sort of art, you’d have ample ability and time to do, create, and work on the art you care about. I thought that. I thought wrong.

Decisions Are Hard
April 29, 2022

At the end of our first year in Boston University's School of Theatre performance core, we declare our major to decide the theater performance training we'll focus on: BFA Acting or Theatre Arts. For some the decision is easy, whereas for others (*cough cough…* me) it most definitely isn't. 

Falling Back in Love... With Movement and Myself
March 17, 2022

Dance is the function that movement flows into. The former innately harbors connotations of restricted and formed movement, while movement itself is the relinquishing to true movement. This thought process and constant practice of the release that movement provides me allowed the space and time to truly fall back in love with movement and myself.

Localized Collaborative Play
February 16, 2022

People are walking out in the storm. I envy them but I don't. I envy their willingness to look like fools. I wish I could just fail like that sometimes. But only sometimes. I don’t envy them because walking in this weather must suck. This brought me to the conclusion that I fear I have done my first semester of my BFA wrong.

Gotta Get Back to Set Life
January 11, 2022

Where my last blog ended is where this current blog begins. Before officially starting my winter break from BU, I made a film... I mean, I was part of the making of a film... Being back on set was a slap in the face I desperately needed. I just hope it won't take another six years to come back...

When Does an Artist's Story Begin?
December 28, 2021

Yet I tell the story of my artistic start over and over again, because isn’t that kind of our job as artists? Telling stories? And so, we tell stories of our lives, what brought us here and, yes, our ‘start’ in the arts. Just as all stories go, I tell mine differently every time, for every person, every instance, everything...

Holiday Alone
November 29, 2021

Welcome to Novemeber's rambling regarding holiday loathing, the roots of American Thanksgiving, and my experience of the holiday by my lonesome at Boston University.

Beautiful, Brilliant Change
October 26, 2021

Hi Friends! My name is Lana Sage (She/Her). I am currently attending Boston University for my BFA in Acting with a musical theatre concentration ('25). In my first blog, I contemplate my lack of homesickness and acceptance of the loneliness I've experienced my first two months of college. I hope to remind myself of the necessity that is change.