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Read2Know IHeartRadio Debuts HERCULES On Halloween!

Read2Know IHeartRadio Debuts HERCULES On Halloween!

Peter Eisenstadter's Broadcast Muse Audio Theatre/Muse Theatre debuts worldwide on Halloween his TOO MUCH THE HERO~THE MYTH OF THE LABORS OF HERCULES, in their Two-Year Anniversary Event with iHeartRadio's iRead2Know Station.

"Greek mythology for kids is both compelling and relevant, as it is filled with action, drama, and adventure that has endured through the ages!" states Nancy Hahn, CEO/Founder/Creator of iRead2Know iHeartRadio and iHeartFamily. "Hercules on Halloween is a colossal way to celebrate our iRead2Know iHeartRadio 24-hour station being on the air for five years!"

Says Hercules creator Mr. Eisenstadter, "We're so grateful to Nancy Hahn for this collaboration. To release our Greek mythology audio theatre plays on such a huge platform, with so many listeners and subscribers, is a dream come true."

THE MYTH OF THE LABORS OF HERCULES is the fourth of five radio theatre plays written and directed by Mr. Eisenstadter, providing a modern-day essence to the lessons in Greek mythology. Mia Moravis, Executive Producer and Narrator of the series, says, "We are thrilled to continue this incredible exclusive collaboration with Nancy, as we celebrate our second Anniversary with iRead2 Know, and four Greek mythology radio theatre presentations, so far. We also had the honor of producing and performing Nancy's Leonardo Da Vinci musical, which debuted in December of 2017, and it is so fulfilling to work with her. And now, we air HERCULES, with our largest cast yet, and we can't wait for audiences to hear it."

The HERCULES cast (in order of first-heard) includes Narrator Mia Moravis; Heather McCormack as Hera, Queen of Heaven; Amadeus as Adonis, the King's Herald; Tyler Strickland as Hercules; Peter Eisenstadter as Eurystheus, Kind of Tiryns; Alex Muscaro as Althea, a shepherdess; Tara Sabino Potter as Hestia, Goddess of Hearth and Home; Dakota Potter as Iolaus, cousin to Hercules; Bert Torsey as Zorba, Captain of the Guard; Marilyn Tullgren as Tethys, as old woman of Elis; Greg Pratt as a workman, a sentry, and Zeus; Chris McCartie as Augeias, King of Elis; Sherman Morrison as Telemon of Aegina; David Teubner as Iros, a soldier; Lindsay Bartlett as Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons; Ray Mahoney as Atlas, the Titan; Emma Seidler as the Goddess Athena; Cody Hall as Hermes, Guide to the Underworld; Chris Pratt as Charon, Ferryman to the Land of the Dead; Clare Margand as Persephone, Queen of the Underworld; Walter Lowe as Hades, God of the Underworld.

THE MYTH OF THE LABORS OF HERCULES will air in four parts on four consecutive days at or near the top of each hour, throughout the day and evening, beginning with Part One on Halloween October 31st (Part Two airs November 1; Part Three airs November 2, Part Four airs November 3).a?? a??a??

The online link to iRead2Know is:a??

Just click the white play 'button' to the right of the little elephant!

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