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Lin-Manuel Miranda Answers Fan Questions with Lyrics from A CHORUS LINE in Honor of Musical's 40th Anniversary

Lin-Manuel Miranda is giving A CHORUS LINE some new life on its 40th anniversary.

Over on Twitter, the Tony winner has spent his morning answering fan questions - exclusively with the lyrics by Ed Kleban from the beloved musical.

Conceived and originally directed and choreographed by Michael Bennett, A Chorus Line has a book James Kirkwood and Nicholas Dante, music by Marvin Hamlisch and lyrics by Edward Kleban. The original New York production was co-choreographed by Bob Avian.

Following an Off-Broadway run at the Public Theater, A Chorus Line opened on Broadway July 25, 1975 at the Shubert Theatre, where it played an acclaimed record-breaking 6,137 performance run.

The original Broadway cast included Donna McKechnie, Kelly Bishop, Priscilla Lopez, Thommie Walsh, Baayork Lee, Wayne Cilento, Sammy Williams, and Robert LuPone. Among the ten 1976 Tony Awards the show won, McKechnie, Bishop and Williams took home Tony acting honors.

Check out Miranda's exchanges with his followers below!

Miranda opened the morning with:

@Lin_Manuel: Good morning. Today marks the 40th anniversary of A Chorus Line's first preview at @PublicTheaterNY. Questions?

@sophross: Fondest memory of A Chorus Line?
@Lin_Manuel: I was the ballet.

@MarcSnetiker: How many people does he need?
@Lin_Manuel: a 5, 6, 7, 8!

@lotusmonster: What song did you relate to the most?
@Lin_Manuel: I Can Do That

@cheetos_britney: What are you planning to do in the show today to celebrate?
@Lin_Manuel: We did what we had to do

@Nagler: What sort of merch did they sell back then?
@Lin_Manuel: Tits and Ass. Got myself a fancy pair.

@amgreenberg: What does a dancer do?
@Lin_Manuel: Dance for Grandma. Dance for Grandma.

@chickylaff: Which character on the line do you most identify with/who is your favorite character in the show?
@Lin_Manuel: Bob Goulet Out. Steve McQueen IN

@Deannaaaa0_o: When did you know you made it?
@Lin_Manuel: I got to class and had it made...And so I stayed the rest of my life...

@sadcypress: How's your morning going so far?
@Lin_Manuel: Well I couldn't really sing

@sophross : What did it feel like on the opening night of the show?
@Lin_Manuel: All I ever needed was the chance to dance for you

@lizzie_gluck: Has the theater changed since then?
@Lin_Manuel: I don't want to hear about how Broadway's dying. I just got here!

@MayaQuetzali: What did you feel?
@Lin_Manuel: I was feeling her boobs & feeling her boobs & she said, "Don't you wanna feel anything else?" & I said, "no, I don't"

@oneinagillian: How excited are you for the Hamilton cast recording?
@Lin_Manuel: Play me the music, give me the chance to come through

@Laforesta: Any advice for living life to the fullest?
@Lin_Manuel: Honey ain't nobody gonna be standing there with no scholarship to life

@cheetos_britney: Would Michael Bennet be a fan of Hamilton?
@Lin_Manuel: He's say, Maggie do you wanna dance? And I'd say, Daddy, I would love to...

@kpbnews: Is there any sort of cast ritual before the curtain goes up?
@Lin_Manuel: I dug right down to the bottom of my soul, to see what I had inside...

@Khaleesara: @Lin_Manuel any clues as to what tonight's tribute looks like?
@Lin_Manuel: There's a lot I am not certain of...

@DavidRenoni: @Lin_Manuel @PublicTheaterNY How were your reviews after opening night?
@Lin_Manuel: Guys are comin' in their pants, I'm a birdie on the wing...

@JoyDesireeClark: @Lin_Manuel Cassie or Sheila?
@Lin_Manuel: Gwen Verdon in The Red Shoes...

@lesleysaywhat: @Lin_Manuel do you ever replay the moment you earned a tony for in the heights?
@Lin_Manuel: Won't forget Can't regret What I did for love

@BrianAcostaArya: @Lin_Manuel can I kick a freestyle for you
@Lin_Manuel: Step kick kick beat kick step. Again.

@mollielaurenn: @Lin_Manuel @PublicTheaterNY how often do you cry?
@Lin_Manuel: What would you do if you couldn't dance anymore?

@CarlyHeitner: @Lin_Manuel would u rather sweat mayonnaise for the rest of your life or not be able to tell the difference between a baby and a muffin !!??
@Lin_Manuel: And I got scared...scared...scared...SCAAAARED

@maddiestern: @Lin_Manuel what sort of commasexting would Hamilton send the women of chorus line?
@Lin_Manuel: Uncommonly rare, very unique, peripatetic, poetic, and chic

@ghostzoned: @Lin_Manuel are you still waiting for it waiting for it waiting for it?
@Lin_Manuel: Shit. Made it through high school without growing TITS!

@Peggynoonannyc: @Lin_Manuel If Troy Donahue could be a movie star, then I can be a movie star...
@Lin_Manuel: AND PEGGY! (sorry that's a Hamilton quote, I couldn't resist)

@sheshler: @Lin_Manuel What did you say to ppl who said professional acting was an unrealistic goal?
@Lin_Manuel: Wish me luck, the same to you

@sean_zorn: @Lin_Manuel worst hotel experience?
@Lin_Manuel: Beggars really can't be choosers

@osnapitzmatt: @Lin_Manuel question. Tell me what you think about me ?

@jennagio: @Lin_Manuel it's my birthday how should I celebrate
@Lin_Manuel: Time to grow, time to go, ADOLESCE, ADOLESCE...

@RobertaLipp: @Lin_Manuel How do you feel about Mad Men ending?
@Lin_Manuel: He wasn't warm. Well, not to her. Well, not to us.

@Lin_Manuel: As you can see, I know every word in A Chorus Line. Still f*ck up the ballet combination, though.

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Photo by Jennifer Broski

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