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Cindy Adams Jumps on SPIDER-MAN Bandwagon 'Spider-Crap'


Syndicated columnist Cindy Adams is the latest to weigh in on SPIDER-MAN, write in her column that:

"All mankind -- even newborns in Al bania -- know I'm highly polite. So polite I can't stand it. I am so lousy with politeness that, despite having seen this "Spider-Man" thing a week ago, I waited -- politely -- until pros, critics and drama types had their say this week. They have now said.

Me, I now say. Good this isn't. Despite setbacks, miseries, rewrites, injuries and blaah blaah, the greatest collection of theatrical talents -- writers, directors, producers, composers, choreographers -- cannot put Humpty Dumpty together again. Forget it. This show is 100 percent crappy.

My companion, an entertainment professional, mumbled at intermission: "Shove the second half. Let's get out of here."

Other friends agreed it's junk but stayed until the end."

She does go on however to say that "Critics will make spiderburgers out of this, but it'll do well for kids and for those who'd watch an actual execution just to say they've seen what not everyone else has seen."

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With SPIDER-MAN TURN OFF THE DARK's less-than-appealing reviews hitting newsstands this week, the producers of the $65 million giant have sifted through the critiques to find their pull-quotes for marketing. 

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