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Some Like It Pop
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BWW's 'Some Like it Pop' Podcast on JESSICA JONES, THE NIGHT BEFORE, List-a-Palooza

My co-host, the esteemed Jennifer McHugh, has a bit of an OCD streak. She likes lists; nay, she loves lists. She has lists of her favorite lists, and that's not hyperbole. So, since most TV shows take a break around the holidays, on this week's episode we break down our favorite holiday programs, favorite TV shows, and favorite movies. We also discuss the great first season of Netflix's JESSICA JONES, and a potential addition to the Classic Christmas Comedy Cannon, THE NIGHT BEFORE.

During the episode, we discuss the wonderful USA comedy PSYCH, which ended its eight-season run on USA last year. The show's writers and creators have long believed that they had their premise ripped off by CBS procedural, THE MENTALIST, something we discuss. So, to prove our point, here is the "PSYCH mocking THE MENTALIST" supercut I mention in the episode:

Jennifer's Articles:

-Review of THE WALKING DEAD's 11/29 Season Finale:
BWW Recap: All Along the Walker Tower on THE WALKING DEAD

-Review of EMPIRE's 12/2 episode:

BWW Recap: Death Will Have His Dre on EMPIRE

Matt's Articles:

-Review of Holiday Comedy THE NIGHT BEFORE:
BWW Review: THE NIGHT BEFORE is All-Time Christmas Comedy Classic

-Review of Roberts, Kidman, Ejiofor's SECRET IN THEIR EYES:
BWW Review: SECRET IN THEIR EYES is A-List Disappointment, Despite Ejiofor's Brilliance

-In honor of SCANDAL's Hiatus until February:
Having #TGIT Withdraws? The SCANDAL Cast Singing Showtunes is the Perfect Medicine

-Jenn hates NBC and doesn't have time for things not on her TV spreadsheet, but I reviewed NBC's third live musical, THE WIZ:
BWW Review: THE WIZ LIVE! Proves 'Home' is Where the Heart Is; a Star is Born in Shanice Williams

BWW's "Some Like it Pop Podcast: Episode 1.4: Netflix's JESSICA JONES, Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's THE NIGHT BEFORE, and List-A-Palooza and more:

Or, click here for the Full-Screen version. Starting in January, all S.L.I.P. episodes will be found on BroadwayWorld, iTunes, and any other podcasting host that I can figure out how to use. To check out all of our old episodes, click here.

Let Jenn and me know what shows you are most looking forward to in the comments below, or on Twitter @EponineQ and @BWWMatt. If you want to follow along with my "366 in 366" challenge, you can check out #BWW366in366 on Twitter. Also, don't forget to follow @BWWTVWorld on Twitter and Like us on Facebook for all of the latest TV news, reviews, and recaps.

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