Characula Announces Upcoming Full Album

With its over the top sound and tons of electric guitars and keyboards behind her in-your-face vocals, Characula promises the project will be "very sexy, the Cirque du Soleil of music." The titles of some of the other tracks fit the alternate dimension theme perfectly: "Dead Light District Dolls," "Werewolf Hunter," "Vampire Fever" and "Graveyard Party."

Even before the transformation from "Cheri" to "Characula," the multi-faceted performer embodied the sheer boldness that would later infuse the character. She explored her musical abilities during grad school at UNC, when she used a KORG synthesizer with 16 tracks to write her first tune, the racy "I.F.U.F.O's." She began writing more and then started collaborating on tracks with a lab mate who happened to be a rock guitarist.

Though she put her graduate degrees in biomedical engineering from UNC and electrical engineering from North Carolina State to good use working as an electrical engineer, Characula couldn't shake her love for music and the belief she could best express herself through the fantasy world she created in her songs. Wanting to work again with her original musical partner, who had moved to Los Angeles, she transferred to San Diego and got the ball rolling. Undeterred even after he got married, she started dating a guitarist and, inspired by a recent trip to Egypt, wrote "Mummy Dance"-which is loaded with powerful Egyptian imagery and trippy Middle Eastern sounds.

After she broke up with her co-writer, she penned some other monster-themed tunes and hooked up with a local producer to help flesh them out. As she explains it, he took moral and religious offense to her lyrics and wasn't willing to devote the time or energy to her material that she felt it warranted. Soon after she did some online research and found Dito Godwin's vibe and resume fit her style perfectly. Summoning that Characula-like courage, coupled with frustration after the fallout with her former producer, she contacted the well-known and respected Godwin online, explaining she had a Halloween song she thought could be a hit in the right hands. Godwin immediately saw the potential, turned solid tracks into hit singles and made a suggestion that changed the singer's life. Together they created "Characula" as an outlet for her vivid musical imagination.

Like Elvira back in the day, Characula has unlimited potential as a multi-media character. One of her upcoming opportunities is appearing on the popular Texas-based TV show "Guitar Asylum," on which she will be interviewing guitar players in full Characula hair, garb and persona.