eNail Supply Invests in New Technology to Meet High Demand

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eNail Supply Invests in New Technology to Meet High Demand

Efficiency and happy customers are the name of the game as far as eNail Supply are concerned. The company recently improved ordering systems with new technology in order to deal with the high demand for their huge range of cheap nail polish, cnd shellac and china glaze nail polish. Management regard this move as key to ensuring orders continue to be dealt with quickly, accurately and smoothly. The new systems give the company the ability to match their higher targets with high productivity in all areas of the supply chain.

CEO of eNail Supply, Mr Sudeep Arya said, "We could see a real need to keep up with the industry's increasing demands for our products. We just could not keep up with customer demand, particularly for their favorites, china glaze and cnd shellac or for the various ranges of cheap nail polish we offer our customers on a regular basis. But to ensure our customer demand was being met we had to look at the systems which were in place. By investing in new technology we have been able to reduce order processing time which means even more savings for us and our customers will benefit directly."

eNail supply are investing in these technology developments to both improve productivity in their operations and to attract new business and new customers. They tried out the new systems recently using the full range of china glaze nail polish.

Mr Arya explained, "When new technology is installed it must be tested. We didn't want to go live with the system until it had been rigorously been put through its paces. The management team and I decided to create a test for all the systems using the popular china glaze range. This is one of the most popular brands we offer our customers and high volumes of it move through the company systems so it was the obvious choice. It was a data-driven process, we used our own data and sales figures to identify the best choice for the test."

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