VIDEO: Fashion Show 'PEDRO PEDRO' Spring Summer 2014 Lisboa

November 27
7:06 2013

From: Fashion Channel


About Pedro Pedro:

The PedroPedro brand is the love child of the award-winning Portuguese designer, ironically named Pedro Pedro. While studying Painting and Painting Techniques On Silk, Pedro Pedro also completed a Fashion Design course at the Fashion Academy of Oporto, Portugal, in 1998. In 1996 while studying, he began to work as a womenswear designer and, in the same year, he won the first prize at the "Expo-Wear New Designers" competition. Since then he has designed fashion illustrations and developed projects related to the industry such as uniforms, jeans and men's streetwear lines. In 1998, he created the PedroPedro brand and has since shown at the "Porto de Moda" and "Portugal Fashion" shows. In 2003, he won the first prize at the "I Mode You European Fashion Awards" in Brussels, and in 2004 he collaborated with Júlio Waterland under the name "Pedro Waterland", which was shown at Lisbon Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Over the years, his creative endeavours have been recognised and featured in prominent publications including Vogue, Elle and Collezioni Donna. PedroPedro's brand ethos is to consistently create collections that are full of personality and sophistication. PedroPedro uses the most innovative fabrics and creates silhouettes to enhance individuality. PedroPedro's clothes are effortlessly cool and feel right for now - achieving style through immaculate construction, allowing women to feel elegant and confident with an edge. PedroPedro's footwear epitomises glamour and daring femininity with the use of the highest quality and detail - all shoes are intended to challenge the current fashion and the outcome is high-end edginess that radiates sophistication and energy.

VIDEO: Fashion Show 'PEDRO PEDRO' Spring Summer 2014 Lisboa


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