Synchronicity Boutique Rescuing Local Customers that Purchased Fraudulent Prom Dresses

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Synchronicity Boutique Rescuing Local Customers that Purchased Fraudulent Prom Dresses

Synchronicity Boutique has helped rescue countless students around the country after they have become victims of fraudulent companies whose web sites promised "authentic" homecoming and prom dresses at cut-rate prices.

"We are all too familiar with the intentional scamming of students and their families by these illegal companies. They create "knock-off dresses", promising that they are authentic," reports Synchronicity Owner Karen Mazer. "At best, they receive counterfeit, inferior dresses that are unwearable. More often, however, they do not receive anything AND lose their money completely, or they are notified that their dress will not be ready in time for their event. Customers rush in, frantically trying to find a dress days before they need them. This year, we are seeing it for the first time in September in response to more fashionable Homecomings and more devious scammers."

"It never fails," said Synchronicity Boutique's Manager, Brooke Newborn. "We help girls every year who are taken advantage of online and find them a perfect prom dress. Unlike online stores without a "brick and mortar" location, we have a direct connection with all of our designers and can physically check their inventories online or over the phone if a dress needs to be ordered."

One of those customers is Kathy Fremuth whose daughter, Claire, fell in love with a dress she found online. "Like all girls shopping for their prom, Claire wanted a stunner - the kind of dress that, when you put it on, people's heads would turn. She found a picture of one online that was gorgeous," states Mrs. Fremuth, who believed she had researched the online company thoroughly, requested The company rush the dress, and even paid for it using PayPal for extra assurance and insurance.

Instead, she experienced delays, headaches, and when the dress arrived, a literal nightmare. "As I opened the package I was really hoping against hope that the waiting and the stress was worth it. Instead, I was literally sick to my stomach. The dress, now known as The Dress From Hell (TDFH), bore little resemblance to the dress on the website. The color was different, the pads in the bust were popping out, there were stains on the front of the dress, the back, which was supposed to be sheer, was scratchy white tulle, the stitching showed everywhere and the overall workmanship was completely shoddy. It was a mess. A seventh-grade Home-Ec class could have created something far more exceptional. My daughter came home, took one look and dissolved. "

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