Underwater Portraits by Roberto Falck Featured by The NY Post as Trendsetting Work

Underwater Portraits by Roberto Falck Featured by The NY Post as Trendsetting Work

Last week, The New York Post observed a new trend in wedding photography. Foregoing the standard poses that have dominated wedding albums for decades, modern brides and grooms are opting for carefully crafted scenes with a refined sense of artistic design to document their wedding day. This is indicative of a larger movement in photography, and one that is likely to continue to grow in 2013.

In the January 31st article on the topic of evolving New York wedding photography, the New York Post cited the work of New York wedding photographer, Roberto Falck who worked with New York Wedding and Children's Photographer Rachel Elkind to create once in a lifetime images. The piece created for Manhattan couple Nicole and Bill Hussain, depicted the couple in a dreamy, underwater embrace and is cited as indicative of these contemporary developments in New York wedding photography.

The couple expresses their sentiments on this timeless, one-of-a-kind portrait. "I always smile when I see it...It's great to have," states bride Nicole D'Antuono-Hussain.
With the growing amount of clients looking to create something unique to document their celebrations, finding an experienced New York wedding photographer becomes more important than ever. Many couples, choosing ambitious themes and entrusting their photographs to novices, end up disappointedunable to recreate the moment, and left with sub-par portraits.

Roberto Falck and Rachel Elkind are experienced in creating unique imagery as seen in their other artistic underwater photography of expectant mothers, artists, and professional dancers. These subjects often draped in flowing fabrics, float weightlessly beneath the surface of the water. These images of imagination and surrealism are indicative of the larger artistic trend in portraiture.