Stepping Stones Museum for Children to Host Unique Family Luau Event, 7/19

Stepping Stones Museum for Children to Host Unique Family Luau Event, 7/19

Norwalk, CT

Stepping Stones Museum for Children says, "ALOHA" and welcome to a special family evening on Saturday, July 19 from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. A unique tropical summer treat, the Hulapalooza Luau will transport visitors to the islands to play ancient games, listen to traditional music and of course, enjoy the Hula dance, with performances and lessons for all.

Hula dancing is the traditional art of movement, smooth bodily gestures and vocals. It is said that these movements actually tell a story, or represent movements of nature such as trees blowing in the wind, or fish swimming smoothly in the ocean.

"The traditional Hawaiian hula dance has gained popularity throughout the world, as it engages body, mind and spirit," said Stephanie Kadam, Family Programs Manager for Stepping Stones Museum. "We are very excited about this new summer evening celebration, bringing families together to make memories, enjoy a taste of the islands and learn to hula with professional dancers, Dancin' in the City."

Pineapple Bowling, Limbo, Ancient Hawaiian Game and More...
A number of events throughout the evening will magically transport families to the mystery and beauty of the islands, and Hula dancing is only the beginning. There will be pineapple bowling, a creative game for all to enjoy.

How low can you go?...
Visitors can get limber with Limbo, a unique dance, also known as the "Under Stick Dance." Participants move to a rhythm and dance under a stick, held up by a person on each end of the stick or a stand, without knocking or touching the stick. If the dancer is successful she or he must repeat this again and again with the bar being lowered another "notch" each time.

Throughout the museum, visitors will also be treated to the soaring voice of the ukulele instrument, described by music lovers as "bouncing with optimism, and swinging off cares like drops of water." In addition to live performances, there will also be mini-lessons for playing this remarkable instrument.