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Enhypen Reveal Album Preview for Upcoming 3RD Mini Album 'Manifesto : Day 1'

ENHYPEN’s newest album MANIFESTO : DAY 1 drops at 6 PM KST on July 4.

Enhypen Reveal Album Preview for Upcoming 3RD Mini Album 'Manifesto : Day 1'

Your new K-pop destination ENHYPEN is gearing up for their July 4 comeback with lead single "Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)".

The band revealed today on HYBE LABELS official YouTube channel the album preview for their highly anticipated 3rd Mini Album MANIFESTO : DAY 1. The video gave a sneak peak of the six songs included in the album: lead single "Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)", "WALK THE LINE", "Paradoxx Invasion", "TFW (That Feeling When)", "SHOUT OUT", and "Foreshadow".

The wide variety of diverse sounds and genres covering Hip-Hop, old-school Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock, Soft Pop Rock, and Electropop heightened exicitement surrounding the band's imminent return.

Lead single "Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)" is a Chicago Drill Hip-Hop track, a relatively unfamiliar genre within the K-pop scene. The seven boys who now realize their role and calling declare to their peers, "We'll take the lead forward. Come along with us." The intense melody falls in line with the septet's unyielding resolution to now stand on their own feet instead of living by the rules set by others. The preview ends with a bang as the band rebelliously sings "put your hands up."

Among the new songs to be released, member JAKE participated in the writing of the lyrics for B-side track "SHOUT OUT", a reflection of the band's artistic and musical growth. ENHYPEN's newest album MANIFESTO : DAY 1 drops at 6 PM KST on July 4.

ENHYPEN is the first boyband created by BELIFT LAB, consisting of members JUNGWON, HEESEUNG, JAY, JAKE, SUNGHOON, SUNOO, and NI-KI. Inspired by the 'hyphen(-)' that connects one word to another, ENHYPEN means that seven different boys connect to discover one another and grow together.

Upon their official debut in November 2020, ENHYPEN broke out into the global K-pop scene and began smashing from day one with 1st Mini Album BORDER : DAY ONE achieving the highest first week sales for a single album among K-pop groups to debut the same year.

Within a year of debut, the septet truly solidified their status as the new destination for K-pop fans everywhere as their 1st Studio Album DIMENSION : DILEMMA released in October 2021 not only debuted at No. 11 on the Billboard 200, but also earned them the "Million-Seller" title with over 1.1M copies sold (as of October 2021) according to Korea's Gaon Monthly Album Chart.

The record-breakers moved on to reach another milestone as 1st Studio Repackage Album DIMENSION : ANSWER, released in January 2022, became a "half-million seller" album with over 510,000 copies sold in the first week of release and debuted at No. 14 on the Billboard 200. Armed with authentic stories in their music and versatility in their visuals, ENHYPEN continue to capture the attention of viewers worldwide while performing on global shows like MTV Fresh Out Live and The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Watch the new preview here:

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