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TYSON VS. ALI, 3LD Salon and More Set for 3-Legged Dog's 2013-14 Season

3-Legged Dog Media and Theater Group has announced the 2013-2014 season, including three 3LD/3D+ productions, a 3LD Co-Production with Untitled Theater #61, the 3LD Salon Series, and the second year of 3LD Liminal Stage. Performances and events are at 3LD Art and Technology Center (80 Greenwich Street, at Rector). Tickets prices vary. For more information, visit

3-Legged Dog will produce a full season of large-scale immersive productions, kicking off with a free, open-to-the-public launch party on September 13th featuring some of our featured artists for the season. 3LD will also present three new salons as part of the recently mounted 3LD Salon Series. Also in 2013/14, 3-Legged Dog presents the second year of Liminal Stage, a street level immersive multimedia experience featuring the work of visual artists, and a new developmental residency for multimedia projects entitled 3LD/336.

Following the success of Charlie Victor Romeo at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, three of 3-Legged Dog's newest productions will be filmed in 2D and 3D for submission to international film festivals and eventual worldwide distribution. This program, called 3LD/3D+ is taking advantage of new digital 3D cinema methods to find a better archival standard for live performance documentation and pioneering a new cross platform development standard for not-for-profit and experimental art production that can bring the work to a broader audience and potentially help artists gain a measure of self-sufficiency. Charlie Victor Romeo will receive a screening this year as part of the New York Film Festival, the Hamptons International Film Festival and will have its American theatrical debut at Film Forum in 2014.

The 2013/2014 season is financed primarily by earned income from 3-Legged Dog's Special Projects Group, a newly formed program that develops custom design-and-build teams to create mission-related commissioned art works for various non-profit and private clients. Additional funding for the season is provided by The Andrew W.Mellon Foundation New York Theater Program.

3LD/3D+ Programs

Tuesday, October 15 - Sunday, November 17
THE DOWNTOWN LOOP, written by Ben Gassman, directed by Meghan Finn, with video design by Jared Mezzocchi
Executive Produced by 3-Legged Dog Productions
Presented by Teeth of Tooth Atelier
Tickets: $25
THE DOWNTOWN LOOP, a new play by Ben Gassman, directed by Meghan Finn. Set in the streets of 21st Century Manhattan, The Downtown Loop takes the audience on a poignantly hilarious virtual bus tour evoking nostalgia for what may or may not have been. It explores gentrification, economic revitalization and the ceaseless buzzing activity that keeps Manhattan on the leading edge through the eyes of the people the City leaves behind. Day in, day out, a Tour Guide leads a double-decker bus tour through Manhattan below 59th St., filled with his (and our) small excitements and disappointments. His enthusiasm ebbs and flows with the enthusiasm of his charges, and with the interest foreign women are showing in his routine and in him. Time passes, the tourists change, the tour doesn't; he keeps running into his ex-girlfriend. He is constantly reinvigorated by the friendship between an Israeli souvenir salesman and an Egyptian hot-dog vendor.

January 2014
TYSON VS. ALI, conceived, designed and directed by Reid Farrington, written in collaboration with Frank Boudreaux
Featuring Roger Casey, Femi Olagoke, Dennis A. Allen, Jon Swaine, and Dave Shelley
Executive Produced by 3-Legged Dog Productions
Presented by PS122 as part of COIL
Tickets: $25

TYSON vs. ALI is the latest work by director Reid Farrington. Tyson vs. Ali is a 15 round mashup of the most famous rounds of Tyson, Ali and their contemporaries. Two trained boxers actually slug it out to create a virtual ideal fight between the two most celebrated heavyweights of all time. Fans of boxing could argue endlessly if Muhammad Ali's legendary footwork, speed, and reach would be an effective antidote to Mike Tyson's unparalleled fierceness in the ring were it possible for them to fight one another in their primes. What makes the realization of this fantasy dramatically compelling - set in a real boxing ring and taking place over a 12 rounds fight - is that both of these boxers outshine their athletic reputations and achievements...for starkly different reasons.

May 22 - June 15, 2014
DEEPEST MAN, written by James Scruggs, directed by Mark Rayment. Executive Produced by 3-Legged Dog Productions
Tickets: $25
DEEPEST MAN is the story of Dr Hazzardville Sommers, a man coming to grips with the loss of his wife and slowly losing his grip on what is and isn't real. Searching for rationale, or absolution, he submerges himself and the audience into an underwater fantasy world. Deepest Man takes the audience from violent environmental catastrophes through the eye of a hurricane, into Hazardville's deep blue underwater world and inside the mind of a man sliding inexorably away from sanity and towards his final salvation.

3-Legged Dog Co-Productions

Thursday, March 6 - Sunday, March 30
THE PIG, or VÁCLAV or HAVEL'S HUNT FOR A PIG, by Václav Havel, adapted for the stage by Vladimír Morávek, translation and additional text by Edward Einhorn, direction and musical arrangements by Henry Akona
Featuring music from The Bartered Bride by Bed?ich Smetana
With Katherine Boynton, Elizabeth Figols Galagarza, John Gallop, Andrew Goldsworth, Robert Honeywell, Michael Hopewell, Jenny Lee Mitchell, Mateo Moreno, Phoebe Silva, Moira Stone, Terence Stone, Michael Whitney, Sandy York
Executive Produced by 3-Legged Dog Productions
Produced by Untitled Theater Company #61
Tickets: $25
THE PIG, or VÁCLAV HAVEL'S HUNT FOR A PIG from the critically-acclaimed theatrical-musical-technological-gastronomic experience by Untitled Theater Company #61. In The Pig, or Václav Havel's Hunt for a Pig, Vaclav Havel tells the story of search for a pig he can slaughter and cook for a party with his dissident friends. An American journalist arrives for an interview. The villagers have a pig to sell, but where is it? And why is everyone singing The Bartered Bride? Food, drink, song, video, politics and celebration collide.

3LD Salon

3LD's newly-minted salon series brings artists together to examine new techniques and technologies that are enriching and changing live performance and the lives of artists. Each salon centers around a theme, with an emphasis on the designers' process. Artists are selected out of 3LD's ever expanding international network, giving up-and-coming companies and artists the chance to collaborate with seasoned veterans. For each salon, three designers work with a director, writer, actors and an outside design consultant to create a piece 5 - 20 minutes in length. The company receives 24-hour access a Studio and equipment for one week to ten days, as well as a small stipend. The process culminates in a showing, followed by a panel, where approaches are discussed through audience question and answer. The aim of the program is to encourage cross-pollination between artistic disciplines and to stimulate discussion around the evolution of technology, while giving artists the chance to connect with new collaborators.

October 15 - October 24
3LD Salon: The Lighting Designer
Artist: Decadancetheatre
"The pioneering all female hip-hop group, a fearless coalition of b-girls" The New Yorker

January 24 - February 5
3LD Salon: Interactive Video Design
Participants to be announced.

June 17 - June 25
Salon and participants to be announced.

November 25 - December 8th
One of the artists from the October Salon will then move into our 3LD/336 program. 3LD/336 is a 14 day, 24-hour full access pass to use 3LD's largest interdisciplinary space, Studio A, for exclusive artistic creation purposes culminating in one to three public showings. Finished work is not the goal; the goal is artistic experimentation and sharing of bold new ideas in large-scale multimedia art performance and/or installation. This residency is open to artists working on a new, original piece of theater, dance, media, or hybrid art form that is innovative, ambitious, large-scale and experimental.


3LD's Liminal Stage exhibits multimedia artworks at the 3LD Art & Technology Center, in the iconic lobby coined "The Tube," in the street level windows, projected on the large wall across the street from 3LD Art & Technology Center in Lower Manhattan. Exhibitions are open to the public and free of charge.

Curated by 3-Legged Dog staff, Liminal Stage focuses on artists that aesthetically embrace risk-taking and boundary-pushing while experimenting with innovative technology to engage a street-level audience. Preference is given to works that can be viable on multiple platforms and works that allow viewers to engage directly with the art in an intuitive manner.

Fall 2013 Liminal Stage Artists/Projects:

November 1 - 15

Luke Munn - MEMORIAL

MEMORIAL lists corporations collapsed over the last decade, condensing real-world mistakes and memories and dialoguing with the economies surrounding it.

Luke Munn is an interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin with work focusing on sound, new-media and social engagement, using the body and code, objects and performances to activate relationships and responses. His projects have featured in the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Electrosmog Festival, Resound Falmouth, Q-O2 Brussels, Laborsonor Berlin and Window amongst others, with performances in Paris, Dublin, Chicago, Berlin, Auckland, and New York.

December 6 - December 20

Patrick Kelley - 175 Rome Churches
"From collected images, and using layered animation, 175 churches are present throughout the video, with each space taking a turn to rise in clarity above the others. This immersive is a study in the both uniqueness and similarity in what is still a peculiar architectural form.

Patrick Kelley received an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BA from St. Olaf College. His works have shown at the Bibliothèque Publique d'Information-Centre Pompidou, Paris; the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf; the Minnesota Museum of American Art, Catherine Person Gallery, Seattle, and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. An interest in perception, language and nature informs Patrick's artwork, which ranges in form from flipbooks to interactive installations. He also works in collaboration with his wife, Mary Reid Kelley, on work exhibited internationally and reviewed in the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Artforum, Frieze, and Art in America.

Spring 2014 Liminal Stage Artists and Projects to be announced.

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