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F*CKFEST Comes to the Brick This Summer

Are you frustrated? Repressed? Horny? Or do you just regard sexuality as a glorious window into humanity? For those of you for whom these questions haunt you daily, The Brick is pleased to announce the first ever F*ckfest, taking place during June 2015 in Brooklyn, New York! F*ckfest, quite simply, is a festival about sex. A sextival, if you will. Our inaugural roster is chock-full of artists of all stripes with unique, playful, and subversive approaches to sexuality. As noted scholar and professor of sexology Dr. Marvin P. Gay, Jr. put it, "Let's get it ahwnnn."

The festival opens with the FREE F*CKFEST CABARET on opening night at 8pm, and runs from June 9th-July 3rd at The Brick in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

For more details, visit*ckfest.

51/50: a playlist of love (and disaster)

Perpetual Desires Alliance

By Tinka Jonakova

Directed by Joy Brooke Fairfield

"Getting in a room with Miso is my destiny, and just like always, we will fight or f*ck it out."

Lula and Miso are damaged goods who happen to be in love. Miso is poly. Lula is not good at it. When Miso jumps ship after proposing marriage while high as a kite, Lula desperately follows him across the country. There she meets Christopher (also poly), who falls for her, but his girlfriend Chloe isn't thrilled. When Chloe realizes Lula could be a longterm problem, her claws come out & she vows to get Miso back for Lula in a game of sexual Russian roulette. 5150: a Playlist on Love (and Disaster) is about intimacy, self-medicating, and protecting what you think you need to survive.


Lagaffe Productions

Performed by Sarah Peterson

Choreographed by Silvia Gertrudix

Directed by George Mougias

Arti-Chaut is a one-woman multidisciplinary show that captures the humor found in the most hopeless of situations. A young woman rushes home from her dreary job to welcome a gentleman over for dinner. As she flips, fumbles and stumbles through her preparations, we see her tenacity to make something go right when everything seems to work against her. Appreciating the work some women put into anticipated evenings, Arti-Chaut makes it clear that we are often our own worst enemies, and we can all benefit from sitting back and having a laugh at ourselves.

The Choking Game

The Colombo Company

Written and Directed by Kaitlin Colombo

The Choking Game tells the story of a Long Island high school couple and their live, amateur Internet pornography show: Set in real time over the course of 90 minutes, we assume the voyeuristic position of the at-home audience and watch these brilliant but ruthless children wage an emotionally - and physically - crippling war against one other. However, the dynamics shift into truly lethal territory when she announces she's been diagnosed with a terminal illness and makes an unspeakable request of him: "Kill me, live on the internet, in front of 40,000 people."

Fish Out of Water

blackbird delight

Written and Performed by Charly Evon Simpson

Through a series of moments, Charly explores how her understanding of her sexual self was formed. The show is about being tired of feeling. It is about those words, those people, those situations that linger inside long after their moments have passed. It is about looking for pleasure and finding pain. It is about Charly learning to put words to her desire and, in turn, learning to define herself.


Bathtub Theatre Company

Written, Directed, and Performed by Sean Andries & Siouxsie Q of Whorecast

"Don't fall in love with a mermaid, mermaids only know how to F*CK." How far would you go to save the woman you love? What if she isn't entirely a woman? Fish-girl is the harrowing story of an enchanted mermaid doomed to sing for her supper when a chance encounter with a love-struck tourist offers her salvation but risks total ruin. West Coast actor-creators Sean Andries and Siouxsie Q perform this high-octane, original one-act drama of rich character and heightened emotion.


The Associates

Created by the Ensemble

Directed by Peregrine Heard

What do you want to hear, and what are you willing to watch? Freesome is a freaky, darkly humorous play about consent -- consent between individuals, yes, but also consent with (or within) society, as well as consent between performers and their audience. The ensemble invites the audience to imagine what's beyond the scripted drama, nestled in the familiar nooks and crannies of human desire, where the truth is about ten dollars cheaper than a secret divulged.

f*ck over f*ck under

By Jesse Geguzis

Directed by Maybe Burke

What place does identity have in casual sex? How does our everyday performance of gender influence our performance during sexy time? How do you share your experiences with someone who doesn't understand your world? Is breakup sex ever a good idea? f*ck over f*ck under is a snapshot of the smorgasbord that is queer life in New York City exploring all the ways we use sex. An episodic look at a bunch of trans and queer relationships that revolve around sex and identity.


Barefoot Theatre Company

By Kristoffer Diaz

Directed by Francisco Solorzano

Vigwan is an awful man with impeccable swag. Greg, who has no swag, has had enough. But when one man vanquishes another with great swag, does the second man's swag become the first's own swag? And which one of those dead bodies is really a zombie? A horrible play about horrible people that should be seen by no one...unless you're into sex, revenge, and more sex - and, oh yeah, saving water and fighting child obesity. Seriously. And Starbucks. Featuring the Barefoot Theatre Company Ensemble including some of the original cast members from the acclaimed workshop production.


In Extremis Theater Company

By Liz Thaler

Directed by Lauren Miller

Sparks fly at a fetish party when feminist existentialist Alex encounters Luke, a professional dominant. But when their private roles clash with their public selves, how do they know what's real and what's make-believe? An unconventional love story about what turns us on, what shuts us down, and what really makes us happy.

Krapp's Last Sex Tape

Distiller Films and Broken Spoke

Written and Performed by Shannon McPhee

Directed by Rachel Lambert and Nathan Gregorski

On the night of her bachelorette party, a woman goes through her sex tapes in her hotel bedroom. With many of the tapes made during her engagement she tries to navigate the fine line between want and need, funny and awkward, new beginnings or happy endings. An exploration in documentation, sex, need, and lusty cupcake eating, Krapp's Last Sex Tape draws from found and created footage to discern what we are all searching for.

Opera on Tap Gets Sexy with Scenes from The Inner Circle

Opera on Tap

Music by Daniel Felsenfeld

Libretto by Kate Gale

Like a little sex with your opera? We do. Curious to learn more about your own sexual proclivities? We are. Opera on Tap presents an immersive evening of sex education opera-style. Coursework includes scenes from The Inner Circle, a sexually blunt new opera about the charismatic visionary Dr. Alfred Kinsey, by the "fascinating and engaging" (Washington Post) composer Daniel Felsenfeld. Eye candy and condoms provided free of charge with class enrollment. Hailed as "raucous and sublime," Opera on Tap has been bringing opera to the uninitiated in bars and other alternative spaces since 2005.

Queers for Fears

Temerity Theatre Co.

By Ed Malin

Queers for Fears is a program of two companion plays about the spiritual dangers of not coming out of the closet as well as the physical dangers of coming out. Part One, "Biplanes": Aviation pioneer men in love circa 1900. Part Two: "The Christ of Monte Cunto": Female roommates in the East Village who go to the opera to escape Freud, but instead see Jesus in all divas.

The Redhead Is Coming

Barefoot Theatre Company

By Bernardo Cubria

Vera and Lucas are about to get married. So they make a very logical decision - to have a threesome as one last hurrah! When it does not go as planned, Vera and Lucas are forced to face the two main issues in their relationship: Sex and Money. With the help of a Magic Sex Goddess, The Empire State Building, and a Tequilarage, they discover what it means to be in love in the modern age. Featuring the Barefoot Theatre Company Ensemble.

The Reveal

Written and performed by Kim Gainer

Directed by Christina Roussos

The Reveal is a funny and unsentimental look at trying to "make it" in NYC. Kim Gainer sings and shimmies her way through incredible true stories of what it takes to make money - endless temp jobs, screaming children and... burger eating contests? Make love - after 10 drinks everyone looks good! And make art - do rip-offs of the "Vagina Monologues" count as art? In a city that doesn't bat an eye at throwing someone into the gutter or from the top of the Rock, Gainer and her alter ego Ms. Minty Newport-Burlesque Superstah are here to tell it like it is.

Sex and Charitable Giving

By Lisa Huberman

Directed by David Ledoux

In Sex and Charitable Giving, Ankit and Natasha awkwardly embark on a BDSM journey together. Their sexual fantasy collides with their ethical values when they sponsor a girl in Nepal, and as they sink into the emotional rabbit hole of their role play, third world problems disrupt their first world lives.

a sex thing (or a bunch of liberals getting uptight about the socio­political implications of their desires)

By Kati Frazier

Directed by Corinne Woods

David and Ann are trying to resuscitate their relationship; Stevie and Alice are just getting started. Both couples find themselves at a f*cking crossroads (or rather, a crossroads about f*cking), and asking some new questions: How can you turn someone on when they're trying super hard not to objectify you? Why are some sexy ideas so unsexy in real life? Are wooden butt plugs safe? And why is it so hard to ask for what we want? While exploring kinks, consent, identity, and desire, they struggle with what to do when what you want isn't what turns you on and what turns you on isn't what you want.

Singles in Agriculture

Beth Dies, Inc.

By Abby Rosebrock

Directed by Stephanie Ward

Priscilla is a resilient young army widow who loves Modern Family and talks to her pygmy goats; Joel is a celibate Oklahoma dairy farmer who still hasn't shaken the tent-revival dogmas of his youth. On their last night together at the annual dating convention for Singles in Agriculture, Priscilla angles for sex, while Joel pursues his own, mysterious intent. Inspired by research on the real-life organization, Singles in Agriculture (O'Neill Finalist, 2015) offers glimpses into a rural landscape where social isolation and economic exploitation intensify the hopes, anxieties, and losses that we all sign up for when we search for love.

Six Silences in Three Movements

Cross-Eyed Bear Productions

By Duncan Pflaster

Sean and Joanne and Ricky and Matt are two seemingly happy couples, till Sean and Ricky begin a clandestine affair. Expressed through modern poetry, short scenes, live music, and movement, the play is an avant-garde meditation on the nature of love, fidelity, and what can go unspoken in the depths of a relationship that's taken for granted.



By Catya McMullen

Directed by Kevin Laibson

WE ARE ANIMALS is a series of short solo pieces, comedy sketches and original music by Catya McMullen and Reel Big Fish's Scott Klopfenstein. We take on a theme and write for a specific team of actors/vocalists and are a precise blend of comedy, rap music, sweeping ballads and monologues that capture some bizarre, beautiful and complicated elements of the human experience. We're here to make you laugh, move you, make you think and create a kick ass good time. It's about time we took on sex.

Strange Pieces - AUDIO Features

By Stephen Spotswood

An audio collection of darkly twisted tales of sex, longing, and the infinitely strange experience of being human. Listen as a woman describes a bloody pact that shows what having an appetite in the bedroom really means. Meet the man who transforms his body into something inhuman to please a lover. Hear the story of a woman who donates her body to bring ecstasy to the dead. Discover what it's like to make love to the city itself-and whether the pleasure is worth the pain. (This show will be available for download on Bandcamp.)


By Janina Anderson

A printed publication describing the one night reunion of two people who broke each other's hearts years earlier.

The Brick is located at 579 Metropolitan Avenue (between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on the L & G subway lines (L: Lorimer stop; G: Metropolitan stop). For more detailed directions & further information, visit The Brick and its non-profit company, The Brick Theater, Inc. were founded in September of 2002 by Robert Honeywell and Michael Gardner. Formerly an auto-body shop, a storage space and a yoga center, this brick- walled garage was completely refurbished into a state-of-the-art theater complex, with a large sprung floor and professional lighting and sound package.

Winner of THE 2009 CAFFE CINO FELLOWSHIP AWARD, The Brick is Williamsburg, Brooklyn's destination for subversive theatrical experiences. Home to the critically acclaimed premieres of Bouffon Glass Menajoree (NY IT Award Winner-Outstanding Play), Samuel & Alasdair: A Personal History of the Robot War (NY IT Award Winner-Outstanding Play), Craven Monkey and the Mountain of Fury (NY IT Award Nominee-Outstanding Performance Art Production), Greed: A Musical Love $tory (NY IT Award Nominee-Outstanding Musical), Red Cloud Rising, Theatre of the Arcade and Suspicious Package (NY IT Award Nominee-Outstanding Play), The Brick has hosted some of downtown theater's most innovative artists, including Jason Grote, Annie Baker, Young Jean Lee, The Debate Society, Banana Bag & Bodice and Thomas Bradshaw.

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