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24 Shows With Over 100 Performers Set for 2014 NY Clown Theatre Festival, Running This September

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Now in its 9th year, The NY Clown Theatre Festival is New York's preeminent annual, international Clown Theatre festival. This year's event includes 24 shows in 23 days with over 100 clown performers from around the world, including Toulouse, Bogota?, Stockholm, Adelaide, Amsterdam and Bavaria! Featuring Cirque du Soleil performers, Eric Davis (Red Bastard) and Michelle Matlock (Big Shoes, Tall Tales), former stars of The Big Apple Circus and Ken Burns documentary Circus, Glen Heroy (Bathtub Jen and The Henchmen) and Barry Lubin (Grandma: Same Crap, Different Circus), and international clown stars; Felipe Ortez (La Cita), Courtney Cunningham (Poofy du Vey) and Matt Morgan (Mary & Harry Johnson).

As always, the festival opens with the famous CLOWN SUBWAY PARADE, PIE FIGHT and FREE PREVIEW CABARET on opening day. The PARADE starts at UNION SQUARE PARK at 5:30pm on September 5th. The festival then concludes with the traditional CLOWN PROCESSION & FUNERAL on September 28.

The festival also features classes taught by world-famous master clown teachers, a clown and physical comedy film night, cabarets, free lectures and much more! The Brick Theater, Inc. brings the festival back this fall, performing September 5th-28th at The Brick in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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- Subway Parade
- Meet at Union Square in Manhattan at 5:30pm on September 5.
- Clown noses will be provided.

Opening Day Parade

Free clown parade and pie fight for all!
Dust off the big shoes and red noses. The invasion of the clowns is back! Children of all ages are invited to join us as we fill Union Square with playful noise and foolishness. Then we'll pack the clowns into the L train, and they will pour out in Williamsburg at the Bedford Stop and take over the street, marching, skating, biking, dancing and plain ole silly-walking all the way to The Brick. Once there, line-up to watch or participate in our massive public pie fight!
Friday, September 5th @ 5:30pm FREE!


At around 6:30pm, marchers will arrive at The Brick from the parade. Those who dare to participate will strip down to their fight-wear, while those who prefer to watch find their seats! In rounds, fighters will enter the ring with friends or strangers and get pie in their faces! In 2012, Pie warrior A-pie-colypse lost his belt in a storied battle with kid challengers from the audience. Who will dare to challenge them this year?!? Referee John DeVore is not in a good mood. Test him at your own risk!

Friday, September 5th @ 6:30pm FREE!

Opening Night Cabaret!

Festival founders, Audrey Crabtree and Eric Davis host this free, fun evening featuring live highlights from the best of the 2014 Fest! Live acts including Bathtub Jen, Jeff & Buttons, Poofy DuVey, Giovanni, Questionable Acts, Sepp and Kerstin. Lucie B and many more! Stick around after and meet the performers.

Friday, September 5 2014 @ 10pm FREE!


(Almost Definitely) Questionable Acts

Questionable Acts Theatre Company

Created and performed by: CB Goodman and Josh Rice

New York, NY

Truth. Lies. Complicite?. Aliases. Anarchists. Bowlers. Cassette tapes. Nooses. Nudity. Recognitions. Shadows. Steamer Trunks. Violence. Ventriloquism. Interrupting Pizzas. Absolutely Maybe. Sometimes always. (Almost Definitely) Questionable Acts is the recognition between two people of something familiar or two self-portraits that become a duet. It might be the story of two people who love each other very much. Or maybe hate each other very much. It is almost a play. It is definitely a devised, absurdist, performer-propelled neo-vaudeville by CB Goodman & Josh Rice.

Saturday, September 13th, @ 7pm & Saturday, September 20th, @ 8:30pm $15

Bach Forever - or my Honeymoon in Chernobyl


Created and performed by Lucie B

Toulouse, France

Clown, music, dance and photography. Bober is a clown who travels between the USA and the former USSR. Specialist in nuclear accidents, the cold war, 1986 and classical music, she laughs at everything, in particular, our fears. In her luggage, there are always metaphysical questions about the accident of Chernobyl: Was it a fire? The end of the cold war? Or the beginning of the apocalypse? Today, isn't Pripyat and the exclusion zone a paradise? The unintentional agitator's conference is funny sometimes, and fragile certainly. A bouffon clown show about my travels in Ukraine, Bach Forever - or my Honeymoon in Chernobyl is poetic, political, musical, funny and deep...and in my English, very approximative....

Tuesday, September 16th @7pm


Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen

Created and performed by Jennifer Harder, Charley Layton, Glen Heroy
New York, NY
Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen is a steampunk collaboration of prohibitionistic proportions! Sneak into a world of slapstick, stand-up, and vaudeville with Jersey's finest speakeasy entrepreneur and her curmudgeonly ex-con husband as they embark on poorly judged money-making schemes, erotic escapades gone awry, run-ins with a keystone cop, and vignettes that include accordion, ukulele, trombone, spoons, and trumpet.

Thursday, September 18th, 7pm& Friday, September 19th 7pm

Big Shoes, Short Tales
Written & Performed by Michelle Nicole Matlock

Direction & Collaboration: Amy Gordon and Joseph Collard
Light and Sound Design: Kristopher Anton
Original Music: Sabastien Savard and Daniel Baeder
Seattle, WA

Michelle Matlock comes to The NY Clown Theatre Festival for the first time, to tell 3 short autobiographical fantastical and farcical tales about the highs, heartbreaks and inevitable mishaps of enduring in New York City, as a young, foolish and ridiculous character.

Whether it's the story about accidentally joining an illegal 5th Avenue rebellion march or sitting in complete darkness wishing she had paid her last Con-Ed electricity bill or winning the NY State Lotto, Matlock will undoubtedly use her new found passion for ribbon dancing to tie it all together. This storytelling bit of physical comedy is a unique survival snippet meant to provoke giggles and answer the aged old question: "Is that beautifully wrapped present for meee?!"

Michelle just now returns to NY after being on tour with Cirque Du Soleil, to celebrate her arrival to the Big Apple exactly 20 years ago. Big Shoes, Short Tales, will be her second original solo show creation, The Mammy Project was her first.

Thursday, September 25th @ 8:30 & Friday, September 26th @ 7:00

Ein Tod kommt selten allein (Death seldom comes alone)

Mensch-Egerer-Dich-Nicht GbR

Created and performed by Kerstin and Sepp Egerer

Bavaria, Germany

Death smiles at us all, all a man can do is smile back! (Marcus Aurelius) Death is a sad thing, a terrible thing, death is serious - really??? With a wink and a pinch of humor we break the taboo topic of death in a funny and thrilling way.

Saturday, September 6th @8:30pm
Sunday, September 7th @5:30pm
Thursday, September 11th, @ 8:30pm


A Few of My Favorite Things

Created and Performed by Jeroen Bouwhuis
Directed by Ton Offermans & Eveline Mols

Straight from Amsterdam comes Jeroen Bouwhuis to play a few of his favorite things for New York audiences. With music and sound as his counterparts and companions, he will take you through a world where at any given time the situation can change. Never a dull moment. A maniac mime takes to the stage. Come and see this living cartoon figure in a show directly from Holland, Belgium and Germany.

Wednesday, September 17th @ 8:30pm & Friday, September 19th @ 8:30pm



Created by: Craig Behenna and Hew Parham? Performed by: Hew Parham? Directed by: Craig Behenna
Adelaide, Australia
The sellout hit of the Adelaide Fringe Festival comes to New York! Ladies and goats get ready for Giovanni, the dazzling light-speed-gibberish-spouting Italian waiter. Giovanni lives to serve, he believes in passion and traditions...even if it means kissing him on all four cheeks. Absurd, ridiculous but at its heart a bittersweet lament to the price we pay in our relentless pursuit of progress.

Sunday, September 7th @ 7pm
Friday, September 12th @ 10:30pm
Saturday, September 13th @ 8:30pm

GRANDMA: Same Crap, Different Circus

Barry Lubin

September 27, 2014

Director: Barry Lubin Producer: Barry Lubin Writer: Barry Lubin
Enough already: Barry Lubin Stockholm, Sweden

A fun and potentially funny evening with Grandma! Grandma will perform some of your favorites, tell circus stories and may even include special guest stars (if she can get them cheap). There will be a question and answer session as well!

Jeff and Buttons

Bankrukt Productions

Created and performed by Jeff Seal and Chris Manley
Directed by Joe Schiappa
Brooklyn, NY
Jeff and Buttons are putting on a vaudeville show, even though they have no clue what vaudeville is! This two-man comedy duo is like Laurel and Hardy on a bender with the Marx Brothers drunk-dialing Beckett.

Friday, September 12th @ 7pm
Wednesday, & September 24th @ 8:30pm


La Cita (The Date)

La Gata Cirko

Created and performed by Felipe Ortiz
Music by Sebastian Sero
Bogota?, Colombia
Director of La Gata Cirko and Picnic Improvisation of Colombia, brings his popular interactive clown show to NY for its USA premiere!

In his small apartment, this gentle man places all of his hopes and dreams of love into a single evening- a date with a beautiful woman. Circus, clown, improvisation and live music are combined in this funny and moving performance. Sometimes it's the small moments in the still of the night that encapsulate all of the yearning, joy, and heartbreak of our desire to connect with one another.

Tuesday, September 9th @ 7pm Thursday, September 11th @ 7pm Friday, September 12th @ 8:30pm $15

Life After Death?

Mary & Harry Johnson

Created & Performed by Heidi Brucker Morgan and Matthew Morgan

Los Angeles, CA

Come away on an existential journey through time and space with the delightfully intimate brother and sister duo, Mary and Harry Johnson, as they explore the meaning of life. Be whisked away by teeter- boards, dance and music, titillated by hula girls, juggling and acrobatics, penetrated by physical comedy, linguistics and slow-mo, and let your mind get bent with magic...or penis. Using the techniques of clown and burlesque, these siblings will transport you to an absurd world of modern comedic vaudeville, shaken, not stirred, with a twist. Be sure to wear clean underwear, because you never know what may happen.

Wednesday, September 24th @ 10:30pm Friday, September 26th @ 10:30pm Saturday, September 27th @10:30pm $15


Tiny and Tall

Created and Performed by Cara McClendon and Sophia Knox-Miller
San Francisco, CA

Two clowns find themselves locked up in the Big House. They turn toward the company of each other in an otherwise barren landscape. As their friendship grows, they learn that one can find freedom in the most unlikely of places.

It's an absurd wordless poem about time, (self)confinement, waiting, (self-applied) restrictions and the art of freedom.

Wednesday, September 17 @ 7pm
Friday, September 19th @ 10:30pm
Sunday, September 21st @ 7pm

Pinot & Augustine

Happenstance Theater

Created and performed by Mark Jaster and Sabrina Mandell

Washington DC

A sure-fire crowd-pleaser, Pinot and Augustine is a classic, family-friendly clown duo inspired by the golden age of Circus. Pinot is the authoritarian clown in fancy clothes and white cone hat. Augustine is the appealing red-nosed bumbler who punctures his pomposity. Their show bubbles over with physical comedy, virtuosity and musical surprises from the sublime to the ridiculous: from lyrical melodies on a musical saw to pratfalls and a whoopee cushion.

Monday, September 8th @ 7pm & Wednesday, September 10th @ 7pm

Poofy du Vey in "Burden of Poof"

Courtney Cunningham

Created and performed by Courtney Cunningham

Los Angeles, CA

"Burden of Poof" is the award-winning solo, adult clown show from New York's own Courtney Cunningham. It is the story of Poofy du Vey: a bundle of nerves with big dreams and even bigger fears. Poofy's got a lot to say if she could only remember what that was.

Born in the underground theatres of the NYC downtown variety scene, "Burden of Poof" made its world premiere at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival in 2007. The show went on to be presented in theatres and festivals throughout the US and Canada, winning awards and critical praise at every stop, including: Best Show (London Fringe), Best Bet (Orlando Fringe) and Audience Choice (Ottawa Fringe), to name a few. After taking some time off from clowning, Courtney dusted off her nose and got back to doing what she loved the most. This past June, "Burden of Poof" was presented at the 2014 Hollywood Fringe Festival, where it won the Encore Producers' Award and was nominated for Best Comedy.

Saturday, September 6th @ 7pm
Sunday, September 7th @ 8:30 pm
Wednesday, September 10th @ 7pm


Pompo and Pipo

Performed by Z Smith
Directed by Jenni Kallo
New York, NY & La Grave, France

Colored by Finish director Jenni Kallo's darker take on clowning, Pompo and Pipo follows a clown who has lost someone in a tragic accident and is living on the streets. A true Clown Theater piece, the 4th wall is lifted and lowered throughout the show as Pompo swings between a rich imaginary life and the harsh realities of the present situation.

Z Smith is a recent transplant to New York City and Pompo and Pipo will be her first evening length solo show for adults. Pompo and Pipo is a result of Jenni and Z meeting at the New York Clown Theatre Festival two years ago.
"She was world class in the best classical tradition. I have never seen it done by a woman, and done so well!"- Goldstar Review of Z Smith in Circus Finelli

Thursday, September 18th @ 8:30pm & Saturday, September 20th @ 7pm

Red Bastard

Eric Davis

Los Angeles, CA

Could this Dangerous, Seductive Comedy-Monster change your life?
Something interesting must happen every 10 seconds... And it will. Experience the MADNESS of this dangerous, seductive comedy-monster as he immerses you in his unique and absurdly interactive masterclass. Anything can happen as Red Bastard lures his "students" into a playground of raw conversation, traps, rewards and catch 22s.

Saturday, September 6th @ 10:30pm
Wednesday, September 10th @ 10:30pm
Saturday, September 13th @ 10:30pm

Super Spectacular: To Opera with Love

The Donovan Ensemble

Created by Joe Kolbow, Johnnie Niel and Deanna Fleysher
Performed by Joe Kolbow & Johnnie Niel
Union City, NJ

2 showmen. 6 operas. 1 hilarious hour. Has-been/never-was actor Merril Garrick has been waiting to make his big comeback and opportunity has finally knocked: an audition for a TV miniseries chronicling the life and times of Luciano Pavarotti! Merril's sidekick, Emmet, has schemed up the perfect audition material: absurdly reinvented seven-minute versions of the world's greatest operas. In this 60-minute show, the duo plunges into classics including La Boheme and Carmen while injecting Led Zeppelin, Taylor Swift and others. Awarded "Best in Fest" (KC Fringe), "Encore Presentation" (MN Fringe), and KC Stage Magazine top-rated show of 2011.

Saturday, September 20th @10.30pm & Wednesday, September 24th @ 7pm


The Vindlevoss Family Circus Spectacular!

Animal Engine

Created and performed by Carrie Brown and Karim Muasher
Directed by Mark Gindick
New York, New York

The mustachioed Professor Penelope Vindlevoss discovers Edward the Zombie on her recent anthropological expedition, and takes it upon herself to domesticate him. What is Edward's final lesson? To put on a circus, of course! Physical comedy and undead logic collide in this quirky fable about how to be truly human.

WINNER of the 2013 Participant Pick Award - Frigid New York Festival
Tuesday, September 23rd 8:30pm & Saturday, September 27th 8:30pm

Thursday Night Clown Cabarets

Featuring acts from the best international clowns
Adults Only!
Thursdays September 11 , 18 , and 24th @ 10:30pm

TinyDangerous POPCORN!
John Leo and Andy Sapora

The hilarious creators and hosts of tinyDANGEROUSfun! take over the stage to host the 2014 festival's clown and physical comedy film night!! John Leo (best of fringe SF, Chicago & Boulder) and Andy Sapora (Flying Karamazov Brothers) bring their unpredictable beautiful stupid comedy to guide you through the best new clown films from around the world!

Sunday, September 21st 8:30pm




with Caroline Dream
September 6 - 7, 2014
Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm
Warm up at 9:30am
**Workshop will be held at the brand new Triskelion Arts. $200

This workshop is presented by the NY Clown Theatre Festival and specifically designed for performers that have trained and have experience clown and physical comedy. The workshop will be led in English.

Clowns don't have passive personalities, they're not mere observers of life. They're players, which is why they're incapable of denying themselves the opportunities that arise to enjoy themselves, to "go for it", regardless of the consequences.

From a clown's perspective, anything and everything is a further invitation to play. There's always a game. It could start with an odd gesture, a silly word, an interesting sensation but there's no telling where it will end! However, although there's an endless number of games clowns can play, there are a series of basic rules that are very helpful to those wishing to initiate, improvise or stage them. The rules that govern clown games are in fact more like sign posts, they point clowns in the right direction without restricting their creativity in any way. They help clowns maintain clarity and simplicity whilst playing games that are fluid, agile and, of-course, fun to play and watch.

Games we will explore:
• The game of make believe
• The game of emotional scales
• The game of expressing pleasure
• The game of having problems
• The game of being experts in everything and in nothing
• The game of exaggeration
• The game of saving the situation

You will learn to:

Increase your capacity to play and enjoy yourself when clowning.
Recognize a game proposal especially those that are absurd, stupid or ridiculous.
Develop the games that work, and discard the games that don't.
Trust in nonsensical ideas and give your support to the games others initiate.
Stage successful games.


Studied a B.A Theatre degree at Exeter University before training at the UK's premier circus school, Fooltime (Bristol). Professional clown since 1985 she has performed in theaters and festivals throughout Europe. Caroline first started teaching clown in 1998 and has since taught over 250 courses in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, and the U.S.A (in Las Vegas training Cirque du Soleil artists). She is author of "The Clown In You", a clowning manual for students, teachers and practitioners. First published in Spanish (2012), it has received an incredible amount of positive criticism worldwide. Soon to be available in English. She has lived in Barcelona (Spain) since 1989.

Caroline talks about clown: "I absolutely adore laughter. I love feeling it, sharing it, hearing it and provoking it. It's my passion, which is why I've spent so much time with clowns, clowning and teaching others to clown. I know now that there's so much more to this ancient and heart-warming art, but it's still the joy of laughter that motivates and inspires me."


with Aitor Basauri, Spymonkey co-founder
September 10 - 14, 2014
Wednesday-Sunday 10am-5pm
Warm up at 9:30am


This workshop is presented by the NY Clown Theatre Festival and specifically designed for professional performers from the worlds of dance, circus, theater and comedy looking to widen and develop their experience of clown and physical comedy. The workshop will be led in English.

In the Spymonkey Clown Masterclass, you will learn to further discover what makes you funny, hone your skills and practice making an audience belly laugh! Through clear and specific instruction, Aitor will support you to develop and hone your comedic skills in a safe and fun environment. This positive group dynamic will allow you focus on following your impulse, being adventurous and taking risks. You will learn how to shine as an individual and improve on every spontaneous opportunity. In this highly enjoyable workshop you will play games, do exercises developing trust and complicity with the group. In this atmosphere of discovery and revelation, you will be developing and showing new material. Be prepared to find the pleasure in your own ridiculousness, stay optimistic, discover your comedy gold, and get ready to laugh until your face hurts.


is one of the most sought-after clown teachers in the world, regularly holding sell-out masterclasses in London, Brighton and New York. Teaching has included: staff tutor at E?cole Philippe Gaulier Paris; Cirque du Monde/Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas; Celebration Barn Maine; New York Clown Theatre Festival; Sam Houston State University, Texas; National Institute of Dramatic Arts. Damascus Syria; Taipei Taiwan, British Council; Jyvaskyla Festival Finland; American School, Madrid; Kliniclown Clown Doctors, Berlin; Uppsala University Sweden; International School of Humour, Vienna; Centro Cultural el Helenico, Mexico City.

With Spymonkey he created the original clown numbers for 'Zumanity - Another Side of Cirque du Soleil' in Las Vegas. They have delighted audiences around the world from Just For Laughs Montreal to the Sydney Opera House and London's West End. They are recognised as world leaders of clown comedy theatre.
Aitor talks about clown:

"I do theatre because it is fun because it makes me live life twice and I love life! The clown lives in a fantastic theatrical world. For an actor the clown stimulates a fresh immediacy full of pleasure and mischief. It is this brimming pleasure that fills the performer and touches an audience. The audience in turn feel they are watching something very special and unique because the clown is generous, sharing with them their most intimate vulnerability, fun and unique personality."

"The performer who dares to stand before a crowd, unafraid to make mistakes and find pleasure in being wonderfully silly will reap fruitful rewards. In Spymonkey we strongly believe that it is in this moment that the seed for the best performances can begin."

BEYOND MAXIMUM: Going Farther than the Fartherness of Fartherdom that Lies Beyond the Farthertude of Fartherdomishness (and Beyond)
With Eric Davis
September 14 - 15, 2014

Let's have some fun, together, exploring the unknown!

In this workshop we will take 2 evenings to work on 1 concept: Going Farther. This one concept is one of the most exciting and rewarding elements of Clown or Bouffon- to go farther than either you or the audience thought you would, (or even could).

Together, in the spirit of play, we will explore how we might go:

Farther with physicality.
Farther into an emotion or attitude.
Farther into expressing a concept.
Farther in how you engage an audience.

Providing we stay within these rules:

1. You don't hurt yourself
2. You don't hurt the audience
3. You don't hurt the space.

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. It's time to surprise ourselves. To end up someplace no one expected. Who knows what could happen?!


Eric Davis's Bouffon show, Red Bastard, sold out its run and received ten 5-star reviews at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival in 2013. It was subsequently named one of the top 5 shows in the U.K. by The LIST Magazine. Mr. Davis has won awards for Best Theater, Most Outrageous Show, numerous Best of Fests, as well as Commitment to Community Award and a Golden Nose for Clown of the Year. In 2011 he originated the role of Allen Smithee in Cirque du Soleil's resident Hollywood show, IRIS. He is also proud to be founder of the NY Clown Theatre Festival. His failings, though impressive, are too numerous to account for here.

with Reneé Bazinet
September 20 - 21, 2014

This workshop is presented by the NY Clown Theatre Festival ( and specifically designed for professional performers from the worlds of dance, circus, mime, theater and comedy looking to widen and develop their experience of clown, physical comedy, and physical expression. The workshop will be led in English.

September 20th -21th Saturday & Sunday 10am-5pm Warm up at 9:30am **Workshop will be held at the brand new Triskelion Arts. This workshop will focus on stepping out of the mind and coming home to the environment of the body. Rene? will use the techniques of Feldenkrais, Neutral Mask, and exercises to creating complicity with the audience. Rene? will teach you to place the mind second and use the intelligence of the body to develop new work and play authentically. This workshop will focus on:

-Understanding one's own physical instrument
-Connecting with the creative intelligence of the body
-Re-discovery of the inner-child
-Winning the public's complicity

Beginning with a series of physical awareness exercises in the style of Feldenkrais we will inner explorations of our physical body and it's own innate intelligence in a slow and thorough way. This puts the aspirant into a deeper contact and understanding of his or her physical instrument. The mind, quite naturally takes second place......and observes, feels, and intently listens to its host and best friend, the body. For many it feels like stepping out of the mind and coming home to their first environment -their body .

With the mind in second place, we will focus on how to conduct the innate expressiveness of its host, the body. The mind, having abandoned it's structured personality and put aside it's personal history learns to become a subtle co-pilot for the body's innate creativity that is driving the vehicle into unknown territory that the mind couldn't even imagine existed.

Through use of the Neutral Mask we will open up to an awareness of an enormous realm of possibilities and in this forever new realm of possibilities we approach our original state of a child. Re-entering, or let's say rediscovering, one's inner child's innocence- the necessary condition to Bazinet's approach the art of clowning .
In this new state we will play through exercises and activities aiming at contacting one's public, and winning the public's complicity.


Renée Bazinet is a mime, clown, actor and director on the stage and screen. Over the past thirty years Rene? Bazinet's talent served the most famous North American and European theaters. Of late, he formed and trained the Clowns called "The Movers" for the Cirque Du Soleil in the show of "Zarkana".

He graced the stages of Circus Rocallli, the Wintergarten in Berlin, the Teatro De La Fenice and the prestigious Opera De Paris. His two Clown numbers "Baseball" and "Western" were an integral part of the production of Cirque Du Soleil's Saltimbanco for over twenty years.

He is as much at ease in the director or clown number creators chair as he is on stage, whether in Hamburg, Montpellier, Munich, or for three consecutive summers directing "Moliere En Plein Air" for the Theater Du Nouveau Monde in Montreal. He is currently living in Montreal offering workshops and private sessions on demand, in view of creating a Clown Theater.

The Brick is located at 579 Metropolitan Avenue (between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on the L & G subway lines (L: Lorimer stop; G: Metropolitan stop). For more detailed directions & further information, visit The Brick and its non-profit company, The Brick Theater, Inc. were founded in September of 2002 by Robert Honeywell and Michael Gardner. Formerly an auto-body shop, a storage space and a yoga center, this brick- walled garage was completely refurbished into a state-of-the-art theater complex, with a large sprung floor and professional lighting and sound package.

Winner of THE 2009 CAFFE CINO FELLOWSHIP AWARD, The Brick is Williamsburg, Brooklyn's destination for subversive theatrical experiences. Home to the critically acclaimed premieres of Bouffon Glass Menajoree (NY IT Award Winner-Outstanding Play), Samuel & Alasdair: A Personal History of the Robot War (NY IT Award Winner-Outstanding Play), Craven Monkey and the Mountain of Fury (NY IT Award Nominee- Outstanding Performance Art Production), Greed: A Musical Love $tory (NY IT Award Nominee- Outstanding Musical), Red Cloud Rising, Theatre of the Arcade and Suspicious Package (NY IT Award Nominee-Outstanding Play), The Brick has hosted some of downtown theater's most innovative artists, including Jason Grote, Annie Baker, Young Jean Lee, The Debate Society, Banana Bag & Bodice and Thomas Bradshaw.

Pictured: Pinot & Augustine - Sabrina Mandell and Mark Jaster. Photo by Mukul Ranjan.

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