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Interview: Brandon Stansell Talks US Tour and Performing at Lush Lounge & Theater

This concert is on August 28th

Interview: Brandon Stansell Talks US Tour and Performing at Lush Lounge & Theater

Don't miss singer-songwriter, Brandon Stansell, at LUSH on Sunday, August 28th. Brandon has queued up the post-pandemic summertime soundtrack we've all been craving with his brand new EP, This Must Be The Place. Get your tickets for this fantastic show! $15 in advance, $20 at the door!

About Brandon Stansell:
Seven years after the release of his debut single, Brandon Stansell has come to occupy a unique space in country music. He has been an ardent advocate for the queer community and the advancement of LGBTQ artists in the still widely conservative genre. In 2018, Brandon's music video for his single "Hometown" was the first LGBTQ-themed video to ever premiere on CMT. It was also named one of Rolling Stone's 10 Best Country Videos of the Year. In 2020, he released Hurt People - a heartbreaking EP about his own family's response to his coming out.

We chat with Brandon Stansell about his music and his concert

How does it feel to have live audiences and performances back?

I don't have the words to say how good it feels to be back on stage. We just kicked off the tour this week in LA and it wasn't until I was up in front of the crowd I realized just how badly I'd missed it. I released my Hurt People EP in 2020 and my new album This Must Be The Place in June of this year - which means it's been a two year wait to be able to perform anything from either. But seeing people singing along at the shows has made it all worth it.

What inspired you to pursue music?

The easy, money. Ok, that was a joke -anyone who has done this career knows it's just in your blood, so it wasn't ever really a conscious decision as much as an inevitability. Growing up I sang at church, every school talent show, family reunion and local competition I could. Let's just say if there was stage anywhere near me...I was on it. I did try out sports for a while when I was a kid heart wasn't in it. I got kicked off my little league baseball team because I spent more time turning cartwheels in the outfield and singing to the people on the bleachers than actually playing the game. What was left, but to sing? Ha.

Who were your influences and inspirations?

As a kid, one of my biggest influences was my older sister. She was a great singer - kind of a Patsy Cline, Wynona Judd mix. I looked up to her a lot and definitely took a lot of musical cues from her. And Amy Grant, but if I talk about her any more than I already do she's gonna take out a cease and desist.

How does it feel to be representing the LGBTQ community in your music genre?

I know it sounds corny, but it's an honor. And to be able to say that with such pride blows my mind. I tell people all the time I never imagined I'd have become such a visible advocate for the LGBTQ Community - especially since being gay was the thing I was most ashamed of growing up (big thank you to my local Baptist Church for that one!) But that past helps me know just how much Queer folk are hurting in this country, and how the fight continues. So I'm so grateful to get to do what I do -traveling around the country, singing my songs and connecting with people. It's been more rewarding that I could have ever imagined, and I'll do it forever.

Interview: Brandon Stansell Talks US Tour and Performing at Lush Lounge & Theater

What does Pride mean to you?

So it took years for me to finally be comfortable with own sexuality and it took even longer for me to finally love that part of myself. And that was no easy thing - it took leaving people and places that were not supportive and ultimately harmful to my mental health. It took prioritizing myself, my emotional physical and mental well-being while battling the notion that that was somehow a selfish thing (again, wanna give props to outdated Christian teachings there) So after coming out of all of that and finally getting to this place where I love who I am...well that feels like something to be very proud of.

What do you hope anyone who listens to your music and attends your concerts takes away from you?

I hope they take away some joy, and a whole lot of merch (after paying for it, of course). I kid -really I just want people to just enjoy the show. So much work has gone into putting this thing together and I just want people to enjoy it. Yeah there will be laughs and tears and everything in between but I hope people leave feeling really glad they came. (But also my merch is VERY cute. just saying)!

Have you been to Minneapolis before? Do you have a favorite place there or a place you'd like to check out while you're here?

I have, I played a Pride show in Minneapolis a few years ago - but that was it! So I am so excited to get back! That said, I didn't get to explore the city last time, so if anyone has some suggestions for how to have fun while I'm here, tweet me!

Thank you Brandon for your time! We are looking forward to your concert!

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Photo courtesy of Brandon Stansell

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