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BWW Blog: Learning How to Learn Differently

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BWW Blog: Learning How to Learn Differently

You're 18 years old, you have just graduated high school, and you've recently made some of the biggest decisions you've had to make in your life so far: where you'll go to college and what you'll study. Finding your perfect college and major can prove to be an extremely difficult search. It's a long and daunting process, and for those who had to audition/interview for their programs, all the traveling, singing, talking, acting, etc. can be exhausting. However, by now you've probably made your decisions about the upcoming school year.

Even though this year will be much different than the rest, thanks to Covid, I can assure you that you will have an amazing year and you will learn and grow immensely.

I was in my second semester as a junior when the corona virus hit America and forced colleges to switch completely to online learning. But online learning for a musical theatre major? How does that work? What about dancing and singing?

Well, it wasn't the smoothest transition at first, but thanks to the amazing faculty at UMiami, I was still able to hone my craft and progress even more as an artist than I ever had.

Artistry is all about creativity, and when the traditional classroom structure had to be abandoned and replaced by zoom classes it forced me, my classmates, and faculty members at UMiami to be more creative than we ever had before. Somehow, I felt myself growing just as much from behind the computer screen than I even had when attending traditional classes. Now, that's not to say that I prefer zoom classes, because I'd much rather be face-to-face with my fellow acting partners; however, I was able to see the light in all the chaos.

At first, online class seemed like it would be more difficult and less rewarding than traditional class. Not being able to perform with a scene partner in the room or having to sing to recorded tracks didn't seem like the best way for me to learn. And while there are more efficient means to learning, online classes taught me how to be inventive and to work within my means. Thankfully, many of my acting and singing for the stage classes transitioned into camera acting and video auditioning classes. These classes proved extremely useful to me because they taught me how to perform for an ever-changing industry that seems to be moving more and more towards the use of technology in performing. I feel that it is very important for an actor to be able to perform on stage and on camera. If you limit yourself two one of the two mediums, then you are cutting your job outlook in half. These online classes forced me to learn about different ways of performing and forced me to learn the nuances of performing for the camera.

College is an exciting time to grow as a professional, but also as a person. While there are many scary unknowns in the upcoming year, I see them as an exciting challenge that I must rise to meet, and I hope you can too. So, whether you're taking classes online, or in person with a mask and 6 feet of personal space, make the most out of the opportunities you have. You will learn and grow more than you thought you ever could have!

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