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THE VENETIAN in Las Vegas Introduces Horoscope Cocktails

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THE VENETIAN in Las Vegas Introduces Horoscope Cocktails

Nothing packs more astrological punch than an astrological-themed cocktail. The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas has just introduced Horoscope Cocktails at all three of its food and beverage outlets that include The Dorsey, Rosina and Electra. Enter retrograde, show your full moon and indulge in these delicious beverages inspired by each Zodiac sign's most notable traits. Check out the Zodiac-themed cocktails orbiting The Venetian Resort this year:

· Pisces: An emotional, friendly riff on a French 75. The cocktail is inspired by your trusty best friend with a bubbly refreshing side.

· Aries: A dancing mess of smoky, bittersweet and citrus that only the God of War knows how to harmonize.

· Taurus: A love letter to the classic Negroni, this earthy blend of sweet and herbaceous flavors showcases the trademark qualities of reliability and practicality Taurus' are known for.

· Gemini: A smooth union of sweet and savory to portray the whimsical nature of the curious but gentle Gemini.

· Cancer: A tribute to imagination and persuasion, this riff on an Old-Fashioned blends a beautiful symphony of rich chocolate with the subtle touch of juicy peach.

· Leo: A beautiful balance of bitter and sweet, this light and bright homage to the timeless Daquiri will have you feeling like the king of the jungle.

· Virgo: A harmony of French spirits showcase Virgo's earth sign while creating balance with honey fueled bliss.

· Libra: The fortified pairing of Amaro and Champagne cooperate nicely together while bringing out the social, bubbly quality of this Air sign.

· Scorpio: The base spirits represent the loyal yet passionate traits while the mysteriousness of this Water sign lies within Antica Carpano's secret vermouth recipe.

· Sagittarius: A perfect balance of pomegranate with a touch of smoke represents everyone's favorite fiery centaur.

· Capricorn: Complex yet balanced, mysterious yet profound, this Earth sign's cocktail is a holiday melody of herbs, spice and a touch of nice.

· Aquarius: Equal parts class and sass from this respectful yet quirky sign. Calming your nerves with blue hues, botanicals and a citrus airiness only an Aquarius can exude.

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Photo Credit: "Libra" Courtesy of The Venetian

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