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Mixed-Reality Immersive Experience Extended Through Labor Day in Downtown Las Vegas Arts District.

Particle Ink: Speed of Dark, the authentic, immersive experience, takes visitors through a portal into the 2.5th dimension touching on very real human experiences. Its limited run in the 18b Las Vegas Arts District at The LightHouse will continue through Labor Day.

Guests experience art as light, sound, color, music, dance, and movement in the Particle Ink Metaverse, blending the virtual world into the physical world.

"The LightPoets originally created the work," explains Cesar Hawas, executive producer of Particle Ink and chief experience officer for Kaleidoc. "This was a collective of artists that came together and brought their expertise and various methods of storytelling. The light poets have collaborated with many Las Vegas-based performers and crew to make the seemingly impossible possible. So many talented people have created this incredible experience."

The impetus is the telling the story of a grieving artist and his wife who turn to imagination and creativity to find light in the darkest of times. The story expresses a universal desire to see the light in the darkness transcending all generations and their communities.

"If there was ever a time to tell that story, it is now," adds Cesar.

A couple experiences a rupture in the Particle Ink Metaverse with a portal into the 2.5th dimension. Usually invisible, the in-between realm of this dimension is that space between waking and sleeping.

Feature: PARTICLE INK: SPEED OF DARK Invites All to Enter A PORTAL INTO THE 2.5TH DIMENSION Inside The LightHouse, guests will encounter an otherworldly realm inhabited by characters made of pure light. On crossing the threshold, guests enter into the pages of a living graphic novel-created with ink and paper by the grieving Artist. Whimsical illustrations leap from the walls to interact with the Artist and his wife Lilith and forever change their lives. Speed of Dark offers every guest an opportunity for personal, intimate, and interactive exploration.

"Part of the way that we all interact with technology and how we use entertainment technology to tell the story is really let it disappear into the background. The actual story and work that is seen take center stage while the technology is there to support it. We don't want to showcase the technology but use it as an amazing tool for telling stories in a new and different way," says Cesar. "We are thrilled to collaborate in the neighborhood of the arts district."

Particle Ink: Speed of Dark is equal parts art installation, a fantastic soundtrack, and incredible performances, letting the story lead the experience and let its elements shine.

"Being able to let the audience use their imagination to fill in the blanks and the empty space between the moments they are seeing works for anyone of any age," says Cesar.

Particle Ink: Speed of Dark experience lasts approximately one hour with performances Wednesday through Sunday at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. inside The LightHouse, located at 918 S. Main Street in the 18b Las Vegas Arts District. For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

Photo credit: Kaleidoco

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