NMI Announces Online Musical Theatre Creative Summit

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New Musicals Inc. announces the first Online Muiscal Theatre Creative Summit - set for Saturday, February 15 and Saturday, February 22 from 10am to 4pm.

In February, New Musicals Inc. is hosting an Online Musical Theatre Creative Summit. Bookwriters, Composers, and Lyricists all get together online to create ideas for new musicals, and for new collaborations. Here's just some of what we'll be doing together:

· bookwriters, composers, lyricists come together to brainstorm new ideas for musicals

· Speed-dating with new collaborators (during the summit itself)

· Slow-dating with new collaborators (between Saturdays, and after the summit)

· Insider tips on effective brainstorming and idea generating

· Creative breakout rooms you can duck in and out of

· We'll match-make you with at least three collaborators; on your own, you can reach out to everyone in the summit

· We'll give you access to a curated list of hundreds short stories, plays, novellas and plot summaries for inspiration, plus listings for thousands more

· Can't get the rights to your favorite book or movie? We'll show you how and what to adapt, so you won't need any rights

It's all online; join us from anywhere on the planet. All you need is a webcam and your creativity.

For more info, and to register, visit http://nmi.org/creative-summit-registration-form

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