Juan Maria Solare Releases Single 'Torniamo Dentro'

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Juan Maria Solare Releases Single 'Torniamo Dentro'

Torniamo dentro by Juan María Solare, has been released through the label Yellow Rose Records (a sub label of Valley View Records) with artwork by the Australian artist Clayton Popa.

A unique aspect of the single is that it comes in two flavors:

  • Track 1) Bösendorfer grand piano
  • Track 2) Felt piano

In listening to both, you can compare the acoustical differences between a real grand piano and a felted instrument:

A "Felt Piano" is an upright piano recorded with a soft piece of felt placed between the hammers and the strings to achieve a darker sound character, a delicate tone. The Bösendorfer grand piano is a particularly bright sounding, "incisive" instrument.
In this album, you have the same music with quite opposite kinds of sounds - even if it is a "piano".

Find the album on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/13LtQc3dat1cbDQ0tZaUKD

This piano piece was composed in Bremen, Germany, on 17 January 2018 and received its premiere at the Dorfgemeinschaftshaus, Sulzbach im Eiffel, Germany, on 2 September 2018.

Find a video recording of the premiere here:

Torniamo dentro is a piece that Argentina-born pianist Juan María Solare performs often at his concerts devoted to neoclassical music.

Find the sheet music of Torniamo dentro at Sheet Music Plus.

The Italian title Torniamo dentro (Let's Go Back Inside) has a double meaning: the direct one (for instance: Let's go back inside home and have some dinner) and the allegorical (Let's go back inside within ourselves and look at our souls again).

Torniamo dentro is a neoclassical prelude for piano solo. Gentle, minimalistic and peaceful piano music for relax or deep listening. The piece's atmosphere is poetic, mysterious, delicate, hovering, levitating.

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