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BWW Review: POPCORN FALLS at Tipping Point Theatre Will Leave You In Stitches!

BWW Review: POPCORN FALLS at Tipping Point Theatre Will Leave You In Stitches!
Image Courtesy of Tipping Point Theatre

Popcorn Falls, playing now through May 5th at Tipping Point Theatre in Northville, is a fast-paced comedy that will keep the audience on their toes throughout the entire performance. The town of Popcorn Falls is in trouble as their signature waterfall has dried up and they are losing more money each day. The play's antagonist, Mr. Doyle, is threatening to turn this small town into a water treatment facility. There is one way to save the town: put on a successful play in one week. Hilarity ensues as the mayor of the town and the town's executive custodian, along with a cast of misfit townsfolk, attempt to pull off this play in an impossible time frame.

What makes Popcorn Falls unique is that the cast is made up of only two actors who play twenty different characters throughout the course of the show. The versatility of these two actors is incredible. Patrick Loos, playing Actor 2, has most of the role responsibility within the show. Though playing multiple roles is a daunting task, Loos accomplishes this task with ease. He brings distinct, unique mannerisms to each character that sets them apart from each other. Several of the roles Loos has to play are female, and as a male actor he does this effortlessly. The change in his tone, facial expressions, and movements as he glides in and out of each role is what is remarkable about Loos performance. Loos is also tasked with the difficulty of having to adjust costume pieces and props as he switches characters. He does not miss a beat nor make a mistake while doing so.

Aral Gribble plays the role of Actor 1, but his most prominent role is the as the Mayor of Popcorn Falls. A nervous man who knows his job as Mayor is on the line, we get a taste into the past life of the Mayor throughout the show. As he struggled to overcome alcoholism in this midst of a divorce with his wife, he figured that moving to Popcorn Falls and starting a new life would be a good thing. He is down on his luck and lives most of his days with regret. However, when he meets a new local bartender in the town, his spirits begin to be lifted. Gribble truly grasps the inner insecurities of the Mayor and is able to portray those to the audience through his exceptional acting choices. Simple mannerisms accompanied with slight changes in voice tone allow the audience to get a good understanding of who this man is. On a few different occasions throughout the show, the Mayor feels the pressure of his job being on the line, and bursts into an explosive tirade. These moments are important throughout the show as it gives the audience a glimpse into what the Mayor is battling with.

One of the most important pieces of this show is the comedic timing. There are many places in the show that are filled with hilarity, whether that be lines delivered by the actors or mannerisms performed on stage. Gribble and Loos have mastered the comedic timing of this show, keeping the audience laughing throughout the entire performance.

Popcorn Falls is a very fast-moving show. The physicality of both of these actors is applaud-worthy, as they are constantly running around on stage, changing costumes, and moving set pieces. There is very little time in the show for these two actors to rest, yet both have a remarkable amount of physical stamina in order to make it through the 90-minute production with ease.

One thing is for certain, audiences will leave Popcorn Falls full of laughter and smiles.

Popcorn Falls is directed by Dave Davies. The production team also includes Tracy L. Spada, Michelle Cowles, Lex Van Blommestein, Alexis Clark, Katherine Nelson, Reid G. Johnson, and Sonja Marquis.

Popcorn Falls is running now through May 5th at Tipping Point in Northville. For ticketing

information, visit or call the box office at 248-347-0003.

Connect with Tipping Point Theatre on Twitter @TPTNorthville, Instagram @tippingpointtheatre, and on Facebook at

*Show information courtesy of Tipping Point Theatre.

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