Gorilla Tango Burlesque Presents THE EMPIRE BRINGS SEXY BACK Sequel, 11/3-12/29

Gorilla Tango Burlesque Presents THE EMPIRE BRINGS SEXY BACK Sequel, 11/3-12/29

Opening tomorrow night, Gorilla Tango Burlesque presents THE EMPIRE BRINGS SEXY BACK: A STAR WARS BURLESQUE SEQUEL. This silly, sexy, George-Lucas-approved** romp performs Saturdays at 10:30pm, November 3 - December 29, 2012 at Gorilla Tango Theatre Bucktown (1919 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago IL 60647).

Tickets are $20; 18 and over only. Advance purchase recommended: www.gorillatango.com/empire or 773-598-4549. **Burlesque George Lucas; not Real George Lucas and Certainly Not the George Lucas Who Sold Lucasfilms to The Mouse.

Insurgent Rebel scum have destroyed Lord Vader’s glorious Peace Globe, and the noble Empire of the People’s Workers has been rocked to the core by the shocking and unexpected attack. Worry, not, though—the Imperial Intelligence Bureau has tracked the perpetrators to the ice-planet Hoth, where they are suspected of harboring Droids of Mass Destruction. Join a guided press junket led by an (exceptionally attractive) Imperial Officer to learn the truth of the so-called “Jedi” cult that threatens the stability of the galaxy’s ONLY legitimate superpower.

Though his Peace Globe is in smithereens, Lord Vader is undeterred in his quest to cleanse the galaxy of the Jedi scourge. Join His Esteemed Darthness, his devoted Imperial Officer, and celebrity bounty hunter BOBA FETT on the Star Destroyer Enduring Freedom to witness firsthand as the vile criminal Luke Skywalker and his Galactic Terrorists are routed from their stronghold and stripped bare of all defenses to expose the naked truth of their brazen lawlessness! Fear not-- Imperial Protector Troupes will defend you from Flirtatious Furballs, Busty Muppets, and all manner of Raunchy Rebels. Join us... and experience the story as only Our Glorious Lord Vader can tell it.

Directed and choreographed by MsPixy - Gorilla Tango Burlesque Artistic Director (and creator of such awesomeness as “Boobs & Goombas: A Super Mario Burlesque,” “Fellowship of the Boobs: A LOTR, D&D, WoW, RPG Burlesque Adventure” and “Superboobs: A Burlesque Superhero Adventure”) THE EMPIRE BRINGS SEXY BACK is a raccously funny burlesque spoof of Star Wars: Episode V. Says Pixy, “I’m never satisfied to simply re-tell the story with a few burlesque numbers thrown in, and I’m always fascinated by the villain’s side of the story. What delights me about this script is the opportunity to look at everything through the lens of the Imperial Propaganda machine— There’s a certain sense of “Kim Jong Il” meets “Benny Hill” to the show that’s got us in stitches even in rehearsal.”

Written by K Leo – the force (pun intended) behind smash Halloween hit “Boobs of the Dead: A Walking Dead Burlesque” - THE EMPIRE BRINGS SEXY BACK is sure to turn the Stars Wars mythos on its head (and tail). “The story just sort of wrote itself,” says K Leo, “once I started thinking about how the attacks of the Rebel Alliance must appear to the more “status quo” residents of the Empire. Plus, this gives me a chance to see Han Solo enter the carbonite freezing chamber to the tune of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and set a Yoda/Luke training montage to “Eye of the Tiger”-- and I won’t tell you exactly what goes down with Boba Fett—but let’s just say that if Chuck Norris met this version of the Fett, there’d be a Norris-sized hole in the universe with jet-pack burns around The Edges.”

Written by K Leo
Directed and choreographed by MsPixy
Costumes by Kristen Ahern
Featuring: Ann Hauserbush (Han Solo), Bonnie Cupcakes (Lando Calrissian), Diva LaVida (Luke/Boba Fett), Dottie Comma (Darth Vader), Inara Rose (Leia), Mai Atari (Yoda/Chewbacca), Ruby Bourbon (C3PO), Zatanna Zor-Elle (Imperial Officer), and Trixi Kidd (Swing Understudy for Luke/Boba Fett and Imperial Officer).

Over the past two years, Gorilla Tango Burlesque has gone from the debut of the surprise hit “Boobs & Goombas: A Super Mario Burlesque” in October 2010 to a local burlesque/comedy powerhouse with literally thousands of audience members through the door to see unique burlesque parodies of everything from Star Wars to Indiana Jones, from superheroes to 1990s pop-culture phenomena -- and that's just a small selection of what they have available for-- as their slogan states-- "the Discerning Nerd." GTB’s smash Halloween hit, “Boobs of the Dead: A Walking Dead Burlesque” brought sexy to local zombies this past October, and look for the much-anticipated Doctor Who burlesque premiering in early 2013!

Gorilla Tango Theatre (GTT) provides year-round theatrical venues where audiences of all ages can consistently go to see a wide variety of talented artists. GTT exists to provide artists with an opportunity to produce their work in professional environment. GTT was created by Dan Abbate and boasts two venues: an 80-seat performance space in Bucktown and a 150-seat performance space in Skokie. GTT Bucktown is conveniently located at the intersection of Western and Milwaukee in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood. Easily accessible by public transportation, GTT is steps away from the Western Blue Line stop and the #49 Western, #73 Armitage and #56 Milwaukee buses. Street parking is readily available. Gorilla Tango’s Skokie Theatre is located in the heart of Downtown Skokie; street and lot parking available. With shows for all ages, all GTT performances are on a rating system, similar to the one used in movie theatres. GTT offers a variety of affordable beer and wine for purchase. Consult the website for show details, rating information, tickets, and more.

For more information, visit www.gorillatango.com.

Photo Credit: K Leo (www.mirthandbeauty.com)

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