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BWW Review: SWEAT at Fulton Theatre

Now through April 24

BWW Review: SWEAT at Fulton Theatre

The newest offering on Fulton's fourth floor is titled Sweat, but it could have just as equally been named "Blood" or "Tears" since all three liquids are in abundance during its two and a half hour running time.

The 2017 Pulitzer Prize winning script, set in Reading Pennsylvania tells the story of racial strife, blue collar struggles, and the importance of solidarity. Charis Leos and Che Lyons star as Tracey and Cynthia, a couple of factory workers and friends who drink their troubles away at the local bar. Leos plays against type as a character who is gritty, troubled, and at many times, unlikeable.

Che Lyons is more personable, yet equally as talented, in her portrayal of a black woman and mother struggling to get ahead.

Rick Kopecky and Joel Ashur play Jason and Chris, the adult sons of Tracey and Cynthia, respectively. The actors have great rapport and solid emotional range.

Randall Frizado plays Stan, the friendly bartender and voice of reason. Gabriel Rosario plays Oscar, the quiet but dutiful worker. These two actors work their way into the audience's heart through their words and actions. We feel a real connection with who they are and what they are trying to do.

Sweat's plot is very layered. Events jump around in non-chronological order, we learn more about characters' needs and motivations as the story unfolds. The audience is fed just enough information to be intrigued, but never confused.

Director Marc Robin does an excellent job of bringing out the best of this talented cast. The show is powerful, realistic, and provides no easy answers. But then again-neither does real life.

Tickets and more information can be found on the Fulton website.

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