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THE MAGICAL JOURNEY OF ARLEKINA Comes to the Abrons Arts Center

Performances run June 28-30, 2022.

THE MAGICAL JOURNEY OF ARLEKINA Comes to the Abrons Arts Center

From the creative mind of playwright, Eden Atias, comes an innovative, truly immersive musical that theater goers have never seen before; an experience you'll truly forever remember, comes The Magical Journey of Arlekina by E.A. Productions will be performed at the Abrons Arts Center as part of the @Abrons Series.

The Magical Journey of Arlekina is a story about Old Erliko and Dell'Arte Park. Old Erliko is a butterclown; half clown, half butterfly hails from the Kingdom of Pentioga, who had been given magical wings called Eyosha by the good fairy that allows him to live forever. Erliko founded Dell'Arte park in order to bring joy and happiness, free of charge and without judgment, to anyone.

He wanted to create a place where the halflings from the kingdom of Pentioga and the people from the human kingdom could work side by side and could gather every day without fear of being together. However one day, one of the Dell'Arte Park's residents, Mr. Fire viciously managed to take away Erliko's Eyosha wings and Erliko dies like a normal butterfly. After Erliko's death, Mr. Fire takes control over the park and changes things for the worse. No longer a free park, everything that was once colorful, bright & alive is now lifeless and gray. The delicious, mouthwatering foods are now bland along with everything that was once happy and fun are now alienated and evil.

Arlekina is the product of the audience and as soon as the colors disappear from the stage, emerging from her cocoon and becomes a butterfly. She saves the day with innocence, happiness, and teach us that money is not the most important thing in life. The park's workers will turn back into their old selves at the end, and the Dell'Arte Park will once again be happy.

The Magical Journey of Arlekina will be playing at Abrons Art Center with opening night on June 28th at 7pm. Other show dates are June 29 at 6:30PM and June 30 at 4:00pm & 7:00pm. Tickets are available at $30. Press Party will be held on opening night, consisting of Red Carpet, interviews, and meet & greets.

About Eden Atias - a??a??was born and raised in Haifa, Israel. Throughout her career she has owned a company in Israel called "EDEN ATIAS PRODUCTION" who transferred to New York, her work has consisted of clowning and Commedia Dell'Arte. Eden's career started in the Israeli T.V and multiple theaters. Since arriving in New York Eden has been writing, directing, and coordinating various art shows and music events both in Israel and New York, and she's now slowly expanding her production company "EAP" in the United States. Eden waited for 8 years before she came out with "Arlekina".

About The @Abrons Series Program - is a subsidized theater rental program that provides access to our spaces as well as production services at subsidized rates. While @Abrons is not curated, priority is given to shows and events that align with our mission and that are committed to anti-oppression. For shows, events or artistic projects working to build community projects that are socially or civically inclusive - yet have very small budgets - there is an application for an extra-subsidized rate.

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