THE STANDBYS Doc, Spotlighting Broadway Understudies, Out Now on iTunes

THE STANDBYS Doc, Spotlighting Broadway Understudies, Out Now on iTunes

Three Broadway understudies (Ben Crawford, Merwin Foard and Alena Watters) are profiled in Stephanie Riggs' documentary THE STANDBYS (Sunchaser Entertainment -- 76 minutes/NR). The DigiNext Films release, also featuring Broadway veterans and headliners Bebe Neuwirth and David Hyde Pierce, is available beginning today on Apple's iTunes platform for HD/SD purchase or rental. Fans of the movie can also purchase the original music soundtrack via iTunes, including individual tracks.

The unique and challenging lives of Broadway's Understudies and Standbys are revealed in this evocative and original behind-the-scenes documentary. Never-before-heard stories from industry insiders and celebrities reveal the unimaginable struggles these under-appreciated performers endure, and when these Standbys are finally given the chance of a lifetime, anything can -- and does -- happen.

Actress Alena Watters perhaps sums it up best -- "You get paid for the groan." What she means is that when a standby is announced over the PA system before a Broadway performance, ticket holders typically groan because they paid to see the top stars on the marquee, not one of the understudies.

THE STANDBYS Director/Producer Stephanie Riggs commented, "After being selected as a 2014 New York Times Critics' Pick and following our successful run in theaters across the country, I am thrilled that 'THE STANDBYS' will be now available to online audiences via iTunes through our relationship with the DigiNext team."

DigiNext Co-Founder Larry Meistrich stated, "Stephanie Riggs' THE STANDBYS is a prime example of DigiNext's unique, worldwide direct-to-consumer (DtoC) platform in action. Our team sources the work of talented and passionate -- yet undiscovered -- directors and producers at leading film festivals. We hand-pick the best 'movies that matter,' book theatrical runs for appreciative audiences and arrange engaging live Q&As with cast and crew.

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