Jonas Brothers No More? Tween Girls Remain Uncertain of Trio's Fate

Jonas Brothers No More? Tween Girls Remain Uncertain of Trio's Fate

Per PEOPLE Magazine, the Jonas Brothers are no closer to getting their act together and giving fans the show they've been waiting years to see. As we reported earlier, the Jonas Brothers cancelled their fall tour just two days-that's right, DAYS!-before the tour was supposed to start. Rumors have been circulating as to why they decided not to Go On stage, but one thing remains abundantly clear: it is costing everyone money.

The Jonas Brothers released their album FIRST TIME earlier this year and were supposed to start touring Oct. 11th. As per a tweet from the youngest member, Nick: "Bear with us," seems to be a plea to their hurt fans. Meanwhile, The Middle Jonas, Joe tweeted shortly thereafter, "please hold while we get our s--t together." Believe me Joe, they've been holding.

The oldest brother, Kevin, has kept quiet on the cancellation, but given that he's expecting his first child with wife Danielle, he probably has other things on his plate. Might be we will get to see this drama unfold on the couple's E!' reality series, Married to Jonas.

According to the article in PEOPLE, the bands spokesman, Jess Derris said: ""There is a deep rift within the band." "There was a big disagreement over their music direction."

Here's to hoping tween girls won't have to wait much longer for their Jo-Bro fix...