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BWW Review: Family Drama Unfolds on This Week's THE FLASH

BWW Review: Family Drama Unfolds on This Week's THE FLASH

It's no secret that family means a lot to everyone on Team Flash. Last week, Barry made the decision, on his own, to take Nora home. Naturally (and rightfully so), Iris was not happy about that. Iris and Barry take turns yelling at each other, and the two of them almost never raise their voices at one another, about Barry's decision and Iris storms off after mean words are exchanged.

Wanting to get away from Barry and wanting to see her daughter, with Ralph's help, Iris takes the Time Sphere from S.T.A.R. Labs' vault and takes off to 2049. In 2049, Thawne is teaching Nora how to use the Negative Force so she can go back to 2019 undetected. Thawne tells her to channel all of her pain and loneliness and anger but it doesn't work. However, when Iris arrives on the scene in the prison, Nora gets even angrier and is able to use the Negative Force and go back to 2019.

Meanwhile, future Grace (Cicada II) has taken present Grace who is still in a coma at the hospital somewhere and Icicle has returned. Icicle kidnaps Caitlin and her mother, Carla, who have always had a bit of an icy relationship, with the intention of turning them into his own ice family. Icicle takes them to a super secret off-the-grid Tannhauser facility where he thinks he they can't be tracked. With Cisco gone and the Tannhauser facility already being located in the cold badlands, it does make tracking harder but Sherloque and Joe and Iris manage to do it and Barry gets there in time to save the day. Barry gets Carla out of dangerous cryo-machine and Killer Frost goes for one last confrontation involving ice blades and ice slides with Icicle. Eventually, Killer Frost reverts back to Caitlin. With Caitlin down on her back and Icicle poised to strike, Thomas finds the strength to come back and take control of his body, saving his daughter and getting rid of Icicle for good.

But then Cicada II shows up at the ice battle at the Tannhauser facility, interrupting the sweet Snow Pack family reunion. The fight between Killer Frost and Cicada II begins with a great line from Killer Frost: "Nice knife, I've got two." It just goes to show how great Killer Frost is. Unfortunately, Cicada II overpowers Killer Frost and throws her blade at her and of course, Thomas jumps between the blade and his daughter and dies. So much for the Snow Pack being back together again.

But it looks like everyone's family will be alright. Caitlin and Carla decide to put aside their differences and stop competing with each other and go get drinks and Iris and Barry settle their argument about what to do about Nora back at their apartment. The episode ends with Nora exiting the Negative Force somewhere in Central City with glowing red eyes that are not unlike the Reverse Flash.

Photo Credit: Dean Buscher/The CW

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