Raegan Releases Alluring New Single 'Mean'

RAEGAN has been readying her forthcoming debut EP for release.

By: Sep. 27, 2023
Raegan Releases Alluring New Single 'Mean'

New York-based queer alt-pop trailblazer RAEGAN returns with the release of her latest single “MEAN.” Produced and written by RAEGAN, “MEAN” is the latest offering from the 21-year old, an enticing new track that is rooted in empowerment and sees her reclaim her emotions.

About “MEAN,” RAEGAN shares “From feuding hearts to sultry nights, 'MEAN' weaves a tale of empowerment and desire, reminding us that beneath the surface of conflict lies a passion waiting to be ignited.” 

RAEGAN created the track as a confidence booster for herself. She explains “At the time, I was dating someone whose ex didn’t like me, and they constantly spoke behind my back. So to make myself feel better, I created a new perspective about how the ex didn’t hate me; she just secretly wanted to be with me. And from then on, I didn’t really care about either of them anymore.” Created in a hotel room in New York as a way to process her emotions, the song sees RAEGAN taking control of this narrative. The end result features an alluring melody with a siren-like essense and exudes an infectious energy that immerses listeners in an eerie and seductive energy. 

RAEGAN released the first single from her forthcoming EP “WALTZ” earlier this summer. The track was inspired by her personal journey of self-discovery and the challenges faced while coming out as gay, and the accompanying video portrays a carefully-crafted lesbian retelling of Romeo & Juliet.

Upon release, the song received acclaim by the likes of GLAAD, Atwood, and Idobi, who praised RAEGAN’s “resilience and unwavering determination to live authentically, serving as a beacon of inspiration for others within the LGBTQIA+ community.”

RAEGAN first emerged onto the scene with her TikTok-viral debut track “TIM BURTON,” a hauntingly captivating song that has amassed over a million likes and tens of thousands of video creations on the social media platform. Since the success of “TIM BURTON,” RAEGAN has been readying her forthcoming debut EP for release - fans should keep a close eye on more news around this project soon. 

Watch the visualizer for the single here:


Oct 12 – Pianos – New York, NY

Oct 26 - Rockwood Music Hall – New York, NY


RAEGAN’s world is full of contradictions: at once eerie and enchanting, it’s the place where her adult nightmares and childlike daydreams collide. 

When RAEGAN creates music, she warps her reality into a twisted scene: writing honestly about her experience in an all new, cinematic form. A longtime actor and performer, RAEGAN’s experience in musical theater has lent her writing an epic scope — in many ways she is merely method acting through song, spinning her personality into a sonic form. “For a while, everything in my life felt so controlled and watched over,” she shares. “Music was my only escape to truly be me — to do whatever I want and say what I really want to say.”

Amidst the swirling atmosphere of teenage angst, shadowy harmonies, and spectral self-expression, we find RAEGAN and her strong personality right at the center. Weird, wonderful, and witty, her self-produced soundscapes illustrate the authentic experiences of a 21-year old piecing through a life that is equally as invigorating as it is anxiety-inducing. 

RAEGAN often mentions that she thinks through energies, striving to capture her core essence through all new sound waves. Blending disparate styles with breathless ease, RAEGAN’s unique combination of glitchy beats and euphoric strings reveal the inner workings of her mind. “All my music is just my brain in sound waves. Music is the only way I know how to communicate most of the time.” 

Her debut track, “TIM BURTON,” reaches into the mind of the famed director, reinventing RAEGAN as one of his gothic caricatures that never made it to the screen. As violins careen in and out of a glitched-out backbeat, her disembodied vocal confesses to fear of failure. “I’ve been wandering in this world alone, I wonder if he finished me,” she sings, in search of purpose, “I guess I wasn’t good enough, I promise I’m trying to be.”

Captivatingly creepy, “TIM BURTON” made waves on TikTok for its witchy and spellbinding energy. Armed with over a million likes and thousands of videos made with the original “TIM BURTON” sound, RAEGAN built on that momentum with her emotionally charged and introspective track, "WALTZ", and the captivating music video that transforms 'Romeo and Juliet' into a lesbian love story.

In an industry overflowing with hyper-curated pop personas, RAEGAN stands out as incredibly self-actualized. Both her aesthetic and music are true reflections of herself — of the many facets of her personality and the wild nature of her unbridled imagination. “Sometimes I’m being serious, but don’t take me seriously,” she challenges, fully in control. 

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