New Installment in Thor Harris Artist In Residence Releases Series is 3rd Thor & Friends Album

New Installment in Thor Harris Artist In Residence Releases Series is 3rd Thor & Friends Album

The latest installment of the Thor Harris 2019 Artist in Residence series is available now through Joyful Noise Recordings! This is a brand new Thor & Friends album and the follow-up to "The Subversive Nature of Kindness" LP from 2017. Simply titled "3", this album features the core line-up of Thor Harris, Peggy Ghorbani and Sarah "Goat" Gautier, along with contributions from Michael Gira (Swans), Jarboe (Swans), Jeremy Barnes (Neutral Milk Hotel/a Hawk and a Hacksaw), Heather Trost (a Hawk and a Hacksaw), Thierry Amar (Godspeed You! Black Emperor), Tim Herzog (Godspeed You! Black Emperor), John Dieterich (Deerhoof), Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak), John Congleton (producer, Swans, St. Vincent), and many many more!

"This record was made over several years and in many locations. Only by the grace of the brilliant Jeremy Barnes was it all sewn together into this fantastic tapestry of sound you are lucky to now behold. Also I must give much credit in organizing and making it happen to Adam Harding and everyone at Joyful Noise. Thankfully Peggy Ghorbani and Sarah "Goat" Gautier are the core members of Thor & Friends. They play on all of these tracks. They are why I go on.

As Above So below - The main voice, backing voice and lyrics are Jennifer Wasner from Wye Oak, Flock of Dimes and Bon Iver. We are old friends, and I am constantly in awe of her musical abilities. The Tuvan throat singing is Soriah. Heather Trost from A Hawk and a Hacksaw played violin. Jeremy Barnes played organ and other things. John Dieterich from Deerhoof played organ. Thierry Amar from Godspeed You! Black Emperor played upright bass. Tim Herzog also from Godspeed played cymbals and drums. Adam Harding played some weird guitar controlled mellotron thing.

Lonely Dee - Adam Torres on guitar. Daily Tolliver on Wurlitzer. Jeremy Barnes on organ and electronic processing of everything so that I no longer hated this track at all. It is the first Thor & Friends piece ever.

Tucson - Michael Gira sings. I tried to pay him, but he graciously refused. He remains a huge inspiration to me as well as a dear friend of 20 years and counting. Crystal Fulbright is the other singer. She is amazing. She lives in Austin. Travis Weller plays violin. Elizabeth Warren plays viola. Jacob Green plays oboe. Adam Harding played his weird guitar controlled mellotron thing.

Jarboe Walks In the River - Jarboe on voice. John Dieterich played organ. Jeremy Barnes did everything else as far as I know.

Falling - Jacob Green on oboe. Travis Weller on violin. Elizabeth Warren on viola. Stine Janvin Motland is the first voice you hear. She sings all of the high parts. She is an amazing singer from Norway who now lives in Berlin. Seek her work. Jarboe from Swans played organ, piano and sang beautifully. John Dieterich played organ. Ami Dang played sitar. The Tuvan throat singing is once again the amazing Soriah.

Stine and Her Animals - Stine Janvin Motland voice including all of the sounds that you think might be her voice. Craig Ross recorded her voice. Tiffany DeFoe played saxaphone. John Congleton played guitar, synths and sampled strings.It is probable that Jordan Geiger, Blair from HUG and Brockett Hamilton played on this record too. It's all a blur.

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